• Taras Glek
  • Michael Wu
  • Michael Edwards
  • Zach Pfeffer
  • Alexander Sack
  • Loïc Minier
  • Mike Hommey
  • Chris Jones


  • Taras Glek - In charge of performance team, Portland
  • Michael Wu - Performance team - Boot2Gecko and other random things, Portland

  • Michael Edwards - Boot2Gecko with Andres and Chris since a week - extension of the web to cover mobile use cases and to make mobile apps using HTML and javascript access all functionalities of a phone; using all ARMv7 functionalities

  • Zach Pfeffer - Android platform team lead
  • Alexander Sack - Leading all Platform teams including validation, android, ubuntu etc.
  • Loïc Minier - Technical architect in Linaro Office of CTO, coming from Canonical
  • Mike Hommey - Performance team - Android toolchain and other performance stuff

Current situation, goals, issues

Firefox on Android

  • Firefox on Android: need better developer environment, toolchain improvements
  • Setup for developers on linux using various profiling tools; need gdb, oprofile, dbgsyms etc.; would like an image with developer tools
  • Could also use some education on providing NEON optimized optional components
  • Would also benefit of some binutils developments
  • Better startup time, faster binaries, less memory usage
    • If Firefox is slow on Android, no oprofile to see what it's doing
  • Would like a fast running single firefox binary which works on all platforms
  • Even a single device like pandaboard doing this would be fine -- with all development tools
  • Is Mozilla already using specific Android debugging tools?
    • Not at all, don't know which ones these are
  • oprofile should already be available for Android devices, albeit it's sometimes crippled (or not shipped at all)
  • If other tools are missing, could add them to Linaro Android builds
  • Mozilla can provide means to compare Linux against Android builds since it's targetting so many platforms and comparing the results
  • What kind of testing does Linaro run?
    • Linaro runs benchmarks tools coming from Google and compare against toolchains coming out every month
  • Mozilla building tools to measure real screen framerate out from HDMI of automated test runs rather than just capturing timers
  • How does Linaro chose which hardware is supported?
    • Linaro has Landing Teams where hardware specific work is defined and done
    • Focus on low cost development boards for SoCs of Linaro members

    • Need to be available in quantity
  • What's Linaro build and test infrastructure looking like
    • Linaro running a stock Androidish CI loop: gerrit, jenkins, test builds which trigger merges; continously testing tip
    • Automated testing under LAVA
  • LAVA is Linaro's automated validation and benchmarking infrastructure with web UI, benchmark abstraction, a build farm to test images or run benchmarks, etc.
  • Builds are actually happening within EC2
  • Other CI places in Linaro for different teams, not centralized in a single CIplace
  • Linaro keen to get the Firefox benchmarks into their build system
    • Application-level benchmark suite running on all platforms could be useful
  • Debugging tools associated with graphics also important for Mozilla (things touching the GPU, visualizing memory usage and such)
    • Unfortunately, highly SoC specific and needs support from vendors


  • How are kernel and userspace merged together in Linaro Android builds?
    • Kernel comes along the rest of Android when you pull the repo
  • Mozilla is trying to have a bisectable history of the whole platform
    • Zach usually bisecting just the kernel
  • Bisecting across all of userspace is really important to reproduce the exact environment with toolchain, kernel, userspace pieces; performance regressions could be very non-local for instance
  • Repo vs gitmodules?
    • Linaro trying to merge modified Android modules on top of B2G and trying to benefit of automagic EC2 mirroring thanks to Linaro build tools specifically consuming manifest files
    • Boot2Gecko likely not syncing from Android every again; just started from Android for convenience to support other devices

  • Basing on Android is to get a fully featured working system to start from that people can run on phones from local phone shops
  • Boot2Gecko serving as a base to develop new web APIs; distro effort would likely be entirely different from Android: no Dalvik, no native app

  • Also OEMs used to porting to Android, so easy to convert them to Boot2Gecko

  • Don't really care about repo vs. git submodules

Meetups and futures

  • Toolchain call
  • Validation infrastructure + Mozilla test and automation for Firefox on Android
  • Boot2Gecko call? perhaps only in some weeks

  • Would like an image for Pandaboard with gdb, oprofile
  • Plumbers: Taras and Mike Edwards from Mozilla going, David Rusling (CTO) and Scott Bambrough (Director of Landing Teams) from Linaro

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