Memory / Buffer Management Release info

Based on a discussion over IRC on Tue 30Aug2011 the Memory Management release will be done as follows until upstreaming happens naturally.

Jesse Barker has created a tree (currently under ~jessebarker/linaro-mm-sig) on where each "component" has its own topic branch. The idea of all of this is to have a "one stop shopping" place for all of the bits of memory management work that might be delivered for a given Linaro-monthly cycle. Currently the only one there is "cma-v15" for the latest version of the work on CMA. The general idea is that a developer would do a "octopus" merge to populate a local repository from which to build. Each set of topic branches has a discrete basis (the current one is v3.1-rc2).

We will also be doing a version based upon the Android kernel tree.

Currently the tree contains only the kernel source code, but it will contain also a branch of userspace components such as an xorg tree and any other relevant user-space bits (libdrm, dri2proto, and xserver).

The current CMA patchset has example integration code for the samsung S5PV210, which isn't supported by Linaro builds. However, as work on the proofs of concept for buffer sharing (for example) moves forward, it is expected that support for pandaboard will be there for the Linaro builds, with other platforms coming online afterwards (eg DRM/KMS support for Exynos, iMX53). There is some integration work to do if this should be part of a Linaro evaluation build (LEB), largely because the work is "in progress" and not landed anywhere yet and possibly based upon a different RC than the other evaluation builds. This RC may not be officially tested, so a disclaimer goes with it to "use at own risk". Another possible way of releasing the work is as a meta-pkg that the user could apt-get as add-on to a LEB. This will be decided during the LPC summit.

One last item to note is time: LEBs are made available to the public on the last Thursday of each month. For 11.09 that date is 29Sep2011. The RC or add-on meta-pkg should be ready by 22Sep2011 or thereabout, in order to allow for some time of final testing before announcing its availability. Jesse Barker will be handling the announcement for closing integration gates in case there are patchsets still to be delivered, in order to do a "freeze" of the tree before making the final integration work.

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