#linaro-armhf irc meeting, 2011-07-22 15:00 UTC

Attendees (IRC nicks)

  • Loïc Minier (lool)
  • David Rusling
  • Adam Conrad (infinity)
  • Riku Voipio (suihkulokki)


  1. actions from previous meetings
  2. health check of progress of various ports
  3. progress on our (and related) blueprints
  4. issues
  5. achievements
  6. AOB

Previous Actions Items

  • DONE: [Steve] advertise cross-distro mailing list
  • DONE: [Hector] start a wiki page listing current options for hardware to run Debian buildds
  • CARRIEDOVER: Steve to ask about hosting at ARM
  • CARRIEDOVER: Loïc to write emails to gcc list on hf triplet and ld.so name
  • CARRIEDOVER: Konstantinos to try openjdk 7 with Zero without Shark and openjdk 6 with JamVM

Random news

  • Less official meeting this week since we're low on attendance (Steve travelling, Konstantinos moving to a new place, Adam double-booked etc.)
  • Adam made some progress on armhf bootstraping and is almost done; should be setup in Launchpad early next week \o/
  • Loïc built some packages for armhf under qemu-arm-static and found new issues, one execvp failure and a segfault which seem qemu related (segfault doesn't happen without qemu) and a linux build failure; will file bugs

Next meeting

  • 29th, should plan for Linaro Connect

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