#linaro-armhf irc meeting, 2011-07-15 15:00 UTC

Attendees (IRC nicks)

  • Steve McIntyre (SteveMcIntyre)

  • Konstantinos Margaritis (markos)
  • Loïc Minier (lool)
  • Adam Conrad (infinity)
  • Riku Voipio (suihkulokki)
  • Hector Oron (zumbi)
  • ?? (Stskeeps)


  1. actions from previous meetings
  2. health check of progress of various ports
  3. progress on our (and related) blueprints
  4. issues
  5. achievements
  6. AOB

Previous Action Items

  • [Steve] advertise cross-distro mailing list - still pending.


  • Debian armhf is on the wiki at http://wiki.debian.org/ArmHardFloatTodo as always.

  • People are recommended to sign up to the new ml at http://lists.linaro.org/mailman/listinfo/cross-distro

  • Steve has working perl cross-building patches, submitted into the Debian BTS:
    • perl itself
    • several example modules
  • Adam continuing on armhf bring-up in Ubuntu:
    • getting armhf included in Soyuz
    • multi-arch issues with armel/armhf, working on that (triplet issue)
    • (prompts discussion about triplet again)
  • Konstantinis looking into java bringup
    • debian java packages seem to build fine using gcj
    • stage1 works for both openjdk 6 and 7
    • 6 uses the asm code generator which has hardcoded softfp abi -ie it won't link properly
    • 7 uses the jamvm by default, which builds fine but then fails regression tests
    • plan is to just push for 7 for armhf, no point in supporting older stuff
  • Hector looking at getting armhf into the (main) Debian archive
    • Which hw to use?
      • Some discussion of options - lots of RAM and native SATA would be nice!
      • Server boards would be best, but not available yet.
      • [ACTION] Hector to start a wiki page listing current options
    • Where to host?
      • At ARM, with backup machines elsewhere makes sense.
      • [ACTION] Steve to ask about hosting at ARM
    • Hoping to make progress in August, using time at DebConf to work together

    • Buildd admins: suggested Konstantinos and Hector
  • Lots of folks going to be at the Linaro sprint in Cambourne in August, which is good

Action Items

Next meeting

  • Steve travelling to DebConf, will miss next meeting on 2011-07-22

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