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  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris
  • Konstantinos Margaritis


  • Preparing for Connect
    • David is preparing for Connect: slides and briefing notes (big.LITTLE, enterprise networking and V8, long-term support in kernel). Note: Chairs for the sessions should have helping hands for the notes and monitors for the discussion channels (IRC, hangout)
    • Grant is preparing ubuntu and android demos for big.LITTLE, making sure slides are ready and everything builds and works for members to have a good grasp on what they need to have big.LITTLE working. Members should be able to take away all the info they need to bring up big.LITTLE with their engineers and hw platforms.
      • Loic reported new fast models version (coming up by Friday 25May): Grant wants to verify the demos with the existing fastmodels support, and then check the newest fastmodels updates. Loic expects there are performance improvements, but those are not critical for Connect big.LITTLE demos this time.
      • Grant was also working on the 3.4 merge window - done now but monitoring that all went well. NUMA scheduler comments from Linus ( - good read to have in mind also for big.LITTLE

    • Ilias: making sure that we have the updates for the OCTO cards - benchmarks and decreasing clock ticks. For benchmarks there has been a discussion on the publishing of the data (which now needs to be internal, even though there was "prior art" when we had published the first bunch of the results in 2011)
    • Konstantinos: continuing with benchmarks - removed direct references from the results on the platform used. Benchmarks now about 75% done - expecting couple more days to work. Comparing Precise ARMEL and ARMHF concentrating on the ABI diffs. Due to data policy we need to remove the platform names - note that the PTS benchmark graphs use the platform names for any graphs - but there is no need for graphing.
      • Konstantinos: is expecting to complete his participation with OCTO Linaro by May 2012. Thanks Konstantinos for all the hard work!!
    • Loic: ARMV8 progress together with Steve McIntyre - engineering meeting on the platform side. Working on the Connect slide-decks, also looking at longer term future Linaro directions.

Actions from this meeting

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