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Actions from previous meeting


  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Steve McIntyre

  • Paul McKenney

  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris
  • Konstantinos Margaritis


  • No minutes from last week
  • Status
    • David Rusling
      • Worried about enterprise
      • Request from Samsung to update the TSC next week?
      • A15 is stepping stone to 64 bit
      • ACPI need an engineer to start looking at this
        • Could this be part of the kernel WG, could create a boot architecture team; need to influence Kiko
      • Will create some slides for the TSC, need help from OCTO
    • Grant Likely
      • Bindings for ACPI versus device driver
      • Talked with Mathew Garrott about UEFI
    • Loic Minier
      • Very, very busy
      • Moved requirements data over to the new roadmap
      • Some issues to fix
      • Send out an announcement, to be reviewed by George
      • State of the requirements - still lack some Q1 cards, lots of backlog
      • OPSCOM meeting tonight, prepared status of the cards for Q1
        • When does a quarter end? Q1 ends at Hong Kong connect!
    • Steve McIntyre

      • Triplets / linker paths agreements have collapsed
      • Redesigning things on the hoof
      • Priority is to sort things out; impact on the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
      • glibc folks are the biggest blocker
      • Will ask Jon Masters for help coordinating Fedora
    • Paul McKenney

      • working on the work break out for the big.LITTLE MP
      • making good progress with the open source community with hot plug
      • Getting various open source folks on board
    • Ilias
      • OPSCOM work, fixing tools, process
    • Konstantinos
      • MX5 drivers moved to multi arch, created a repository
      • In San Antonio in a couple of week's time, so not sure how much Linaro work I can do in the next few weeks
  • AOB
    • Loic: created an ARMv8 meeting for tomorrow (6pm UK time)
    • armhf benchmarks integrated with LAVA; replicating locally before integrating

Actions from this meeting

  • David to create TSC slides for enterprise and circulate for comments

Team work - Status summary

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