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  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Grant Likely
  • Konstantinos


  • DAR
    • Feedback from Linaro Connect - lots of good sessions (big.LITTLE, scheduling, server), very focused
    • In talks with ARM about detailed ARMv8 plans
    • Need to look at Server strategy moving forward, meanwhile, working on the Linaro Technical Requirement for ARM Linux based server distributions
    • Hard float - Ubuntu looking for help on hard float ABI, open office
  • Grant
    • big.LITTLE stuff coming together at Connect. Particularly around integration with the kernel.
    • Device tree. Need to clarify how much Linaro continues to do in the Kernel WG
      • Had a discussion with the TSC, support existing members
      • Make new ports 'do the right thing'
  • Loic
    • More private meetings than normal
    • Good week, mostly following big.LITTLE (also from a product management point of view)
    • Should be able to write blueprints for big.LITTLE switcher and MP
      • Usman will talk to Deepak etc
    • Concern about alignment between implementors and testers
      • Grant: not too worried, need a test that focuses on the stability of the kernel (and then check that the switcher does not destabilize it)
      • ACTION: Grant - take ownership of this within the project; depending on Paul to drive the actual testing
    • Server
      • Lots of places in the kernel where we could implement faster operations (such as copying whole pages in the kernel etc). Potential for speeding up the ARM kernel generally.
  • Konstantinos
    • Small children joined in
    • Open office giving hard float ABI
    • Some other problems, mainly Haskall
    • Long tail of ARM hard float problems
    • Possibility that Konstantinos may work on some kernel optimizations (Neon / crypto related)
      • Having patches reviewed within Linaro would be useful
  • AOB
    • Friends of OCTO emailing list? Fits with reaching out to other companies and teams. Dave to set this up.
    • Grant will be on holiday for a week from Thursday

Actions from this meeting

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