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Actions from previous meeting

  • CARRIEDOVER: Paul to write up the current capabilities of the scheduler INPROGRESS
  • CARRIEDOVER: Write down thoughts based on the future topics INPROGRESS
  • CARRIEDOVER: Ilias to organize the STB summit - INPROGRESS
    • Ilias: Agenda created and shared also some more folks were contacted.
    • Ilias: asked David Rusling to continue with this activity


  • Steve McIntyre

  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris


  • Status:
    • Steve: prototype of the linker was put together. Runtime cost seems negligible. EGLIBC acceptance may take some time given the speed of reaction from the community. We could use a local patch as needed in the meantime. Working with Konstantinos on the d-i kernels and HF image building.
    • Grant: checking blueprints (UEFI and BA ones will need to be obsoleted and replaced with new ones based on the discussions at ELCE and Connect). Requirement on the BA is needed related to the short term activities identified in boot architecture weekly call - need a clear direction on the barebox/uboot question.
    • Ilias: Blueprints and Launchpad - are they good for OCTO's usage? Or what are the hindrances?

Actions from this meeting

  • No new actions were recorded

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