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  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Grant Likely


  • Discussed the format of the Server Summit, suggest
    • OCTO prototyping proposal
    • Hardware related topics
      • Hardware discovery
        • Even if we don't have the hardware platform yet, we can make this runtime configurable in the kernel / bootloader / userspace today
          • Might have to be implemented in UEFI
        • DMA, IRQs, timers should all be discovered
      • Remote management
      • Hardware fault handling - ECC, PCI-e, parity etc... errors
        • Error loging
      • TrustZone and implications

    • A15 and virtualization work
      • LPAE - any additional support needed?
        • how to use effectively (may result in a training)
      • Would ARM be willing to describe what they're doing in the Landing Team (ask Jeff / Roger)
      • Huge page tables - transparent / libhugetlbfs (needed but likely to be worked on elsewhere)
      • Who does KVM work?
        • What are the QEMU implications for KVM support? what's needed?
    • Server Distributions
      • What do they want, how can they coordinate their efforts (Ubuntu, Red Hat etc)
    • Traditional Server companies
      • What do they want from ARM Servers
    • Hard float for servers
    • Kernel emulation of Neon (not just a server related item)
    • Framework for providing optimized kernel library functions at runtime (talk to Will Deacon)
    • Package management - what tools are needed? already covered by general Linux work?
    • Java
  • OCTO prototyping (needs to be expanded - Loic / Grant)
    • The proposal is to prototype UEFI booting traditional and Android systems via UEFI
      • This will generate useful input to our UEFI standardisation efforts (which also comes under this umbrella / project)
      • Output is white papers, prototype code
      • Use Samsung Orion (any code in Samsung, ask Sree)
    • Should look at GPT partition booting
    • Support for zImage (and/or bzImage? - fits with single kernel image work from the Kernel WG)
    • Is boot loader support needed? if so which one(s)? GRUB/GRUB2/LILO/Other?
    • Grant's exploration of ACPI issues
    • Does this include security issues?
    • Assume one engineer full time, assumption is that this could be Steve McIntyre

    • Research UEFI PXE implementation status
      • Bare metal provisioning mechanisms / tools - what (if any) fundamental items are needed?

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