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Actions from previous meeting

  • [ACTION] Paul to write up the current capabilities of the scheduler INPROGRESS
  • [ACTION] Write down thoughts based on the future topics INPROGRESS
  • [ACTION] Ilias : to help with the setup of the Boot Architecture meeting - get all the needed attendees to be invited - DONE
  • [ACTION] Ilias : to setup LCQ4.11 OCTO team meeting - INPROGRESS - Blueprint is created - trying to get in the schedule


  • Loïc Minier
  • Paul McKenney

  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris
  • Konstantinos Margaritis


  • Status:
    • Ilias: mostly focused on the release activities. Also started looking at what the activities are for the STB summit - received some information from Loïc for the email discussion he has exchanged.
      • Loïc provides the technology support for the STB summit from OCTO side
      • Loïc has forwarded the discussion on the STB between Loïc, George and Stephen
      • [ACTION] Ilias to organize the STB summit
      • [ACTION] Ilias to organize the IVI mini-summit in Linaro
    • Konstantinos:
      • Busy finding and trying to work out internal GCC internal compiler errors - running minimal test cases now. Has run the test cases and filed bug reports to Debian.
      • Just finished Chromium browser, but will have to rebuild it again as the new version (14) just came out. Basic tests on chromium but no benchmarks yet.
      • Build farm is in place but waiting for debian admins to increase storage space - probably something that Steve has to check.
      • Small report from ARMHF: consensus reached through the decision to have a single triplet for most of the involved distros (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora)
    • Paul:
      • During Plumbers conference discussed with Paul Turner (scheduler expert) on some of the issues different size CPUs - some proposal is possible there. There is a slight chance to have a scheduler expert available for some possible work.
      • Memory ordering with power on ARM - the issue is that folks are apprehensive of the memory ordering on ARM and one of the things which can help is a mathematical model of memory ordering from University of Cambridge - not fully working yet but a way forward. There is a tool which comes with the mathematical model from the university group which can allow some HW experimentation.
      • The RCU priority boosting work seems to be doing fairly well, Paul is now reviewing the code.
      • ARM server: there is some discussion ongoing about whether we can get some of the IBM SW ported to ARM - no guarantees yet but a business case is being built
    • Loïc:
      • Mozilla: conversation ongoing there. Working with TLs to determine what is the effort involved related to the Android build of Firefox, also discussing on what validation and infrastructure effort is required
      • Boot Architecture: getting the GIT-SVN repository for EDK2 in place
      • ARM Server: preparing for the LC mini summit
      • Clobber work - getting that setup tested and documented (, also fixing errors and identifying problems

  • Other questions
    • Would Linaro be involved at any non-Linux efforts - eg ARM porting of the Haiku OS (BeOS based)
      • Other Linux-based efforts could be ok, non-Linux streams may be a tough call

Actions from this meeting

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