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Actions from previous meeting

  • [ACTION] Paul to write up the current capabilities of the scheduler INPROGRESS
  • [ACTION] Write down thoughts based on the future topics INPROGRESS
  • [ACTION] Steve to check whether Konstantinos can help with any request for info from Android side related to hardfp during Steve's absence DONE


  • David Rusling
  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris


  • Boot architecture: meetings start again from wk37 onwards (on a weekly basis). ARM subarchitecture maintainers meeting setup full speed ahead
  • Device tree: maintaining mode now requires people to use. Rob Herring will co-maintain
  • Linaro Connect:
    • Summits: stb coordination (DRusling to chair the summit), IVI (Ilias is setting up, Ubuntu folks only for now). Loïc will take care of the ARM server summit.
    • Octo meeting at connect? Gauge the folks for a time. What we do next. AP Ilias.
    • ChromeOS presentation shared by David - feedback needed.
  • Other:
    • Project group and projects. Ilias will work with each area splitting the blueprints
    • DRusling on vacation back in October 6.

Actions from this meeting

  • [ACTION] Ilias : to help with the setup of the Boot Architecture meeting - get all the needed attendees to be invited - INPROGRESS
  • [ACTION] Ilias : to setup LCQ4.11 OCTO team meeting - INPROGRESS

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