Ilias Biris

SHORT Retrospective 11.08: what went well and we should do again, what was not so good and we should drop, what needs some adjustment, other issues. Did not happen last week as we had only 3 participants in the call

Actions from previous meeting

  • [ACTION] Paul to write up the current capabilities of the scheduler INPROGRESS
  • [ACTION] Write down thoughts based on the future topics INPROGRESS
  • [ACTION] Steve to check whether Konstantinos can help with any request for info from Android side related to hardfp during Steve's absence INPROGRESS


  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Steve McIntyre

  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris
  • Konstantinos Margaritis


  • Reminders:
    • Linaro Connect - tracks suggested by David. How we fit in the Connect scheduling - No need to have too many summits (2-3 hours of discussion, and deep diving into the technical challenges) - there are 3 summits currently planned (IVI possibly taking the shape of a track since there are not many participants agreeing to participate).

      • For Boot Architecture we may not have a specific track (Grant probably will not make it to Connect in November - then it will be addressed in other events and the next Connect in Feb 2012)
      • Feedback:
        • How many Linaro folks will be at ELCE (26-28 October) and ARM Summit (the week before Connect)? Estimate is 5-10. Specifically for Kernel topics this poses a question on how much coordination to have. [ACTION] David and Grant to discuss about what coordination is needed for kernel topics and how to balance the discussions running up to UDS/Connect
    • Mozilla - Gecko: what the next steps are. David had some conversations with Kiko/George, the interest is now picking up. Tracks: Firefox on Android (getting firefox to be a successful app on Android), another is boot to gecko rendering engine. Mozilla is coming to mobile, witnessing that work on mobile devices is increasing. Linaro can help with performance questions, tooling. On boot to gecko - not for profit but to build the next generation for web-engine related APIs (location, camera, network connection, bluetooth interaction etc). The work will benefit both the engine as well as the browser. Mozilla comes to Linaro with interest on the toolchain, and the low-level layers to get the best performance for firefox, as well as for the consolidation of any performance related results for boot-to-gecko. Loïc has been talking to Zach, Michael Hope and Mozilla.
    • Questions
      • work encompasses Android stripped off packages not needed and putting gecko on top? That is about it right now. Very early stages now.
      • one pessimistic view of the matter is from the webOS-type-of-failure point of view. However, there are indications that Mozilla will be pushing to get boot-to-gecko to take off - different than what happened for webOS. Also contrary to webOS this work has the freedom to design new standards.
  • Quick status:
    • David : LPC, and Linaro Connect planning
    • Grant : working with the community to set up for the ARM maintainers summit.
    • Loïc : has setup an internal conversation for Mozilla,
      • catching up on the plans for the Ubuntu team for next cycle, the plans are being clarified now from Ubuntu side - in terms of the network boot (ARM server)
    • Konstantinos: we have openjdk built, some failures but not ARMHF specific. Mono is uploaded but confidence in its successful port is not yet clear, needs confirmation from the Mono team. Also we have Haskell compiler bootstrapped, therefore the only major compiler missing from the port is FreePascal. 350 packages needed to be built still (number went up from week 35 due to transition happening in Debian side). We should be quite past the 90% mark. Builders from Steve to help speed up the process and getting packages built.

    • Steve : as per the blog entry we have 6 machines for the build farm. Not done much about the Android side - benchmarks requested. Runtime linker tasks - delayed - hopefully to get a patch out for review before leaving for honeymoon. LPC session for ARMHF set to happen - discussion to revolve around the triplet decision. ChromeOS - communicated with the team in Bangalore - work seems to follow the NVidia track of the work.

    • Ilias : creating project group and projects to track the OCTO work from now on using the projects and wherever possible monthly blueprints. RFC sent, no comments, so will carry on and create the needed parts in Launchpad. For LCQ4.11 contact from Ubuntu has been positive to have a summit during the UDS/LC.

Actions from this meeting

  • [ACTION] David and Grant to discuss about what coordination is needed for kernel topics and how to balance the discussions running up to UDS/Connect

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