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  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Paul McKenney

  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris
  • Konstantinos Margaritis


  • Steve McIntyre


  • David
    • Away last week
    • Looking at upstreaming
  • Konstantinus
    • In San Antonio for 25 days
    • Lots of hard float work, but unfortunately not much on benchmarking
      • Lots of support from the Qt folks
      • Can compile java packages for arm hf
      • Haskal now a blocking factor to the bootstrapping work
    • Intend to work on benchmarks, finish some of the work items
      • Document (soft versus hard fp ABI),
      • Benchmark see if there any improvements to non-optimized floating point code
      • Look at LAVA (now a HOWTO), see how the benchmarks could be integrated
    • armhf boot SD cards for some devices (Panda, Tegra 2, Efikas, iMX53)
  • Grant
    • Boot architecture meetings going well
      • Sequence of meetings leading up to Linaro Connect
        • Sketch out the documents that we need
    • Device tree work progressing well
      • Now doing little engineering work, doing review of work and supporting the engineers
      • Documentation out and being used, feedback being gathered
      • Long term problem in the kernel around order of device driver initialisation
        • Example, SD card that uses GPIO lines. Hard to order the dependency ordering.
        • Patches applied. At probe time driver returns EAGAIN.
        • What about fixing the boot order
  • Ilias
    • Wiki updates - some already happening
    • Backlogs - what we have to do in 11.06, let Ilias know of any highlight
    • [ACTION] All - Progress on work items - please update the status to reflect reality
    • Monthly cycles not the best way to go for OCTO, will look on a project by project basis
  • Loic
    • Took a day off
    • Progressed the Java plan (Panda board was stuck)
      • Chat with George, agreement on the next steps
        • Long term plan not sustainable by Linaro alone
    • Tested Qemu images and found bugs
    • Suggest that we move to Versatile Express as the better, more flexible, platform
    • Fixed a bug in David Rusling's 2001 driver
    • Trickier to push patches to
    • Created a cross distro list to discuss arm hf etc on

    • In Dublin synching with Ubuntu team on several topics
  • Group discussion on the use and value of Nicolas' kernel tree
    • See the value, particularly for 'lumpy' upstream patches such as device tree
    • Discussion on a long term supported (LTS) kernel
    • ACTION: voice opinion in the discussion

Actions from this meeting

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