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Actions from previous meeting


  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Steve McIntyre

  • Paul McKenney

  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris
  • Konstantinos Margaritis


  • Actions from the last meeting
    • ONGOING: Steve to arrange for some weekly sync on hf
    • DONE: Loïc to create a cross-distro or distro list
  • Anything for the end of June milestone?
    • Device tree documentation - linaro-kernel-o-devicetree
    • Wiki description of the benchmarking activity by the end of the month? Yes.
    • Finishing the cross boot boot strapping for Natty and pushing the patches upstream.
  • Status
    • ARM hf
      • Konstantinos
        • iMX52 boards running hf
        • Panda boards running hf
        • No benchmarks run yet
      • Steve
        • Struggling with the LSB work
        • Finishing off Natty cross-build issues (lots of broken packages!)
          • Most patches taken by upstream
      • Grant
        • Device Tree documentation got posted (2/3 way there
          • Missing is review / comments
          • How to add new platforms, but will be written in conjunction with the Kernel working group
        • Boot architecture document will be out later this week
          • Date for a meeting, executive decision is August 5th
      • Loic
        • ACTION: schedule a call with Lars Knuth with xen [DONE: Thursday noon]
        • Booked Dublin DS attendance
        • Hardware pack v2 reviews
        • Removed old redboot based stuff from Ubuntu builds
        • Working OMAP 4 Panda board TI images
        • OpenMax - important from last week's multimedia mini-summit

      • Illias
        • Nothing major, attended the multimedia summit, quite a lot of work there
      • Paul McKenney

        • No feedback on the Server proposals
  • AOB
    • Chrome 0S
      • Directly contacted, let's see what happens
    • Belfry OCTO sessions? Missing anything?
      • Hardfloat sessions, cross distro announcements - assume Thursday morning half day session
      • Server - part of the boot architecture discussions? xen is in Cambridge, could invite them face to face
        • Hour or so session with Xen at the Belfry, also the boot architecture
        • ACTION: David Rusling send Lars' email address to Grant
      • Kexec - let's do this as part of a hacking session, but also a topic in the boot architecture discussion
        • ACTION: Grant add kexec to the boot architecture Belfry discussion

Actions from this meeting

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