David Rusling

LSB - next steps

David Rusling

Public plan review - are we ready?

David Rusling

UEFI - should Linaro join?

David Rusling

Server, is any work happening in Linaro on Fortran?

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Actions from previous meeting

  • CARRIEDOVER: Steve to arrange for some weekly sync on hf
  • ACTION: Loïc to create a cross-distro or distro list
  • ACTION: Ilias to sort out why OCTO stuff is not showing up there; OCTO blueprints have been fixed, [DONE]
  • ACTION: gcl to followup with Deepak on state of kexec to see whether we need a blueprint on this - [DONE]
    • ended up dealing with it in the meeting, don't need a blueprint, was in the last cycle
    • no plan to have a kexec boot loader


  • David Rusling
  • Loïc Minier
  • Steve McIntyre

  • Konstantinos Margaritis
  • Grant Likely
  • Ilias Biris
  • Paul McKenney


  • Ilias Biris


  • are we ready for the public plan review
    • fixed for Octo, but not everything shows up
  • Konstantinos - arm hf
    • Fixing a lot of bugs, still too many to go
    • Gnome 2.3 desktop running running the efika
    • Have all sorts of hw - Panda, iMX53 (quickstart), Tegra 2.0, efika (iMX51), maybe a Beagle board, next generation Genisi
      • Will produce a set of Debian unstable SD card images tomorrow
      • Will have a set of devices to run benchmarks
      • 720P video running on Android, Linux / Debian
  • Steve - arm hf / cross build
    • Started looking into LSB
      • Setting up a copy of the data base locally
      • Best steps to follow - looking like a few months of effort to add ARM architecture
      • Maybe a couple of weeks effort followed by tweaking
      • Cross build
        • Natty
          • patches are mostly available
          • 8 maybe 10 patches to finish off
          • Next is the toolchain work, verify that we are building to the right API
      • Need to keep Kate Stewart in the loop
      • Michael Edwards - working at Cisco, keen to join in the work
      • Fedora - gone a little bit quiet, will prod John Masters
      • IS request for a mail list is in the system
  • Grant - boot architecture
    • Full document writing mode
      • High level overview of the model that Linux uses for device tree plus a guide for implementors porting a platform to use device tree
      • Boot architecture - start collecting data about what we care about
      • Boot architecture discussion, when do we want to do it? Friday at the Belfry
        • [ACTION] Grant - Pull together a set of people to involve
      • UEFI - don't know if need to be involved in the process, might be good to get a little involved just to learn, need to get familiar to push
  • Paul - document on useful server work
  • Loic - Server
    • Canonical Ubuntu Platform sprint in Dublin - Loic going to liase with the server people - week of 27th June
    • Met with Lars Kurth yesterday.
    • [ACTION] Set up a discussion with Lars / - Loic

    • Discussion on OpenMax, ready for the multimedia working group

    • Yocto
      • Could use it to build a toolchain, test it or build and test it, quite a complex
  • David

Actions from this meeting

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