Actions from previous meeting

  • CARRIEDOVER: Steve to investigate Samsung bits
  • ACTION: Grant to mail David with the exact sessions / meetings he would like to have
    • Superseded, Grant has added blueprints to LDS, ready for scheduling


  • David Rusling
  • Patrik Ryd
  • Grant Likely


  • Loïc Minier
  • Steve McIntyre


  • Discussed Developer Summit
  • David
    • OCTO update to Linaro board, slides circulated
      • ACTION: all, please review
    • Monthly executive newsletter
      • Emphasis on memory management
    • Organising subarchitecture kernel maintenance in time for LDS
  • Grant
    • Working towards getting stuff merged into the device tree
    • Russell looking at the device tree
    • UDS: documents need to be readied for presenting
    • ACTION: dig into device tree blueprint for Qemu / toolchain
  • Patrik
    • Busy getting things to work (Panda does, Beagle doesn't)
    • Trying to get first Android LEB up and running, might demo at LDS

Actions from this meeting

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