• David Rusling
  • Patrik Ryd
  • Loïc Minier
  • Steve McIntyre

  • Grant Likely


  • Actions from previous meeting
  • ChromeOS
  • Status
  • AOB


  • ChromeOS
    • Status is that not a lot of progress has been made towards an offline Chrome build
      • Not clear that we'll succeed, need to get a stable Chrome OS build, otherwise no repeatability
      • Have been concentrating on locking down the system, so that you can build a known, stable, source
      • Doesn't appear to be possible!
        • Based on gentoo (difficult), but gentoo has good documentation, is reproducable
        • Chrome has added local headers, local scripts, hard to find and fix them
        • For example, can only find what external packages are being referenced by blocking web references
        • Question: how does Samsung manage this?
          • Don't know, Steve is trying to find out. Need to look at the source
          • ACTION: Steve M to investigate what the Samsung team has done.
    • Need to write up the 'experiment', what was found, conclusions
      • ACTION: Steve M, with help from Loic
    • Communicate to platforms team, members etc
    • Identify how to carry this on in Linaro
      • ACTION: Figure out how the Chrome OS work could be done from this point (Loic, Android)
  • Google locking down Android and Chrome OS
    • Google wishes to stop variants of Android, how does this affect Linaro's Android work?
    • How do we ask for clarification, seems like a risk.
    • Most of Linaro focus is in the kernel (building a kernel that works in both Ubuntu and Android)
  • Device Tree (Grant)
    • Steady progress, just about all the bits that we need are in or on their way
    • uboot done, kernel packaging and scripts need updating
    • 11.11 cycle work being considered
  • Hard float ABI (reviewing patches, upstream triplet waiting on Richard Earnshaw to back publicly the Debian triplet decision)
    • ACTION: raise this in the ARM / Linaro meeting - David Rusling
    • Loic: we shouldn't make multiarch a requirement of having both hard and soft float ABI on the same target - we should change the run time linker first.
    • ACTION: Loic and Steve to update the OCTO hard float ABI notes
  • Android (Patrik)
    • Spent a lot of time in discussions with ST Ericsson, Scott, Alexander about getting source code for Android LEB for Snowball
      • Deliverables will contain binaries, need a solution to fitting those binaries into an LE build
      • Prefer binaries that can be overlaid on a source tree (so that Android can be built as one thing)
      • Might be problems with click through licenses etc (so may need to build first and then add binaries)
    • Still working on building a boot tarball instead of a root tarball, cleaning up patches (will end up with uboot and a kernel image)
      • Nightly builds should produce output consumable by Linaro Android media create (special version of Linaro media control)
  • Lava
    • Jenkins / EC2 - Loic has been helping (due to timezone overlap, raised as an issue with James)
    • Costs of EC2 high - Android build machine can go away soon, so costs will drop
    • Btrfs broken in Linaro, Ubuntu
  • Memory management (David)
    • plans being pulled together,
    • Jesse Barker owns the implementation
  • Kernel patch integration (David)
    • Plans coming together
    • Needs a strong upstream maintainer pushing back on duplication etc
      • Support that person within Linaro

Actions from this meeting






Expand description of Android deliverables




Document validation deliverables once LAVA is in a ready shape




Edit the deliverables, make externally visible



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