• David Rusling
  • Patrik Ryd
  • Loïc Minier
  • Steve McIntyre

  • Grant Likely


Guest Participants


  • Brief status from attendees
  • Ownership of technical topics
    • David - SMP, Servers
    • Patrik - Android
    • Grant - Boot architecture
    • Loïc - benchmarking and validation
    • Steve + some of Loïc - Chrome OS
  • Coordination, need oversight, which group meetings should each of us dial into?
    • Developer platform
    • Infrastructure
    • Validation
    • Landing team
    • Toolchain WG
    • Kernel WG
    • Power Management WG
    • Graphics WG
    • Multimedia WG
  • AOB


  • Status
    • Patrik
      • installing Ubuntu
      • worked with OESF on a page to write down achievements from sprint
      • worked on getting access; OESF stuff is currently on github
    • David
      • TSC last week
      • would like to tie technical contents with the sprints better
      • pushing SMP and ARM Server stuff forward
      • Clearer picture on Chrome
      • trying to hack on the linux kernel
    • Grant
      • Mostly kickoff meetings
      • Pretty clear on the next steps; currently identifying DeviceTree resources

    • Loïc
      • Initiated DeviceTree planning

      • Discussing QEMU + Device Tree (DT) work
      • Will work on ChromeOS hudson setup
      • Planning trip to FOSDEM and abstract
    • Steve
      • x86 build working in EC2; didn't try ARM yet
      • Looking at what it would take to disable network checks from chrome build
      • Only starting next week, need to finish a couple of ARM patches
  • Loïc proposes updating hwpacks to work with our ChromiumOS builds (and perhaps Android builds)
  • Ownership of technical topics
    • Loïc would also care for some ChromiumOS / infrastructure related topics
  • Group meetings
    • Would like a level of oversight and support from OCTO
    • We don't need to be going to all the calls; some OCTO folks might be interested in multiple groups, but perhaps not all the time
    • Steve would look after Graphics and maybe Developer platform
    • Multimedia WG doesn't have any OCTO owner right now (but is very young, so let it settle)
    • This is about helping these teams at a high level, and following what they are working on
    • Aims are:
      • Help create a technical strategy for power management (Amit K has some ideas)
      • Push device tree
      • Coordinate Android and Chrome needs
    • Summary is:
      • David would look after Toolchain WG and PMWG
      • Grant after Kernel WG and, later, PMWG
      • Loïc would look after Infrastructure and Validation and maybe Developer platform
  • Patrik wonders about the Android kernel -- what can we have in the Linaro kernel?
    • John Stultz has a tree; not clear whether it's suitable yet
    • Patrik will talk to John this week to find out how Android builds should be done in the near term -- separate kernel tree or not








Check for 64 bit LDREX / STREX

Done, the 64 bit flavour is LDREXD, STREXD

Next Meeting

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