Migration of test case from lava_android_test to lava_test_shell

The following page needs an explanation with an example.

1. Get and install lava-android-test using "bzr branch lp:lava-android-test"

  • a .Test cases are present in /lava-android-test/test_definitions/ in python script format b. python script format is not supported by the lava_test_shell, so it needs to be converted to shell script which understands by the lava_test_shell

2. Get and install lava-dashboard-tool from "https://launchpad.net/lava-dashboard-tool"

  1. lava-dashboard-tool is used to submit the jobs ( jobs will be in .json format) to verify on lava-test-shell. It means .json file is the input to lava-dashboard-tool (ex: https://pastebin.linaro.org/2118)

3. You can use the officially released android binary to test the job. In order to test the job on your binary, binary has to be placed @ some location, which should be accessible to lava dispatcher. It would be better to use some public server like "staging.people.linaro.org"

4. Write a .yaml script file about what lava dispatcher should do on the device. Like get the test case to the device, execute it, parse the generated result and keep the parsed result in a bundle etc.

  • Keep this .yaml file at somee location, which should be accessible to lava dispatcher as mentioned above. (ex: staging.people.linaro.org/~harigopal.gollamudi/0xbench.yaml)

5. Lava dispatcher can get the test case script either through git or bzr. This will be mentioned in .yaml file.

  • So, create a project in bzr or git and keep the script files ready to use by the lava dispatcher.

    (ex: https://pastebin.linaro.org/2119

    • install:
      • bzr-repos:
        • - lp:~harigopal-gollamudi/+junk/test-definitions)

6. Now, submit a job (i.e. .json file) to validation server using lava dashboard tool using the command.

For submitting the job to validation server, you need to have permissions to access validation.linaro.org


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