Public conference calls are a great mean to support distributed open projects by providing a higher bandwidth communication. In order to keep the signal/noise ration high there are a few guidelines to remember.

Before Meeting

  • Prepare your agenda topics.
  • Add your non-recurring agenda items to the wiki before the meeting.

  • If you are an official linaro engineer and cannot make a call use the calendar to communicate your non-attendance or let the chair and secretary know before the meeting.

  • Ensure that discussions lead to decisions and that clear actions with owners are distributed (e.g. no discussion without result).

During Meeting

  • Join 3 minutes before call starts (chair and secretary join 5 minutes before the call).
  • Join the backchannel #linaro-meeting and announce your attendance there.
    • If you don't do that you will not be listed as attending in notes.
    • If you are new to a call and want to particpate, announce yourself in the channel and let chair know that you want to introduce yourself; wait for chair to call for your intro.
  • Before starting a call ensure that the secretary is there for taking notes. In case he is not appoint one.
  • Mute yourself if you don't speak (*6 for muting and #6 for unmuting).
  • When speaking, communicate your name and affiliation for those that don't know your voice yet.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Post links supporting your topics to the backchannel.

After Meeting

  • If you invite new participants educate them about these guidelines.
  • Use IRC and email to follow up on offline items and actions with your peers.

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