GCC Release Process Stage2

This bit of the release process is what Michael runs after Andrew's created the source tarball and run a basic smoke test on x86 / x86_64 .

orion - main machine / running the scheduler for various jobs. cbuild - unpriviledged user that can run this.

If someone needs to be on the release engineering team then get Michael to add your keys to the appropriate cbuild account.

Make sure you can login to ursa1 and the other boards in the board farm as cbuild.

Filesystem on orion :

/home/cbuild/snapshot should contain the source tarball that you are interested in building usually in .tar.bz2 form. There is an rsync daemon that pushes these sources to builds.linaro.org as well.


Is a set of queues for each of the automatic build jobs.

cbuild@orion:~/queue$ ls a8-builder a8-pending a9-builder armv5-builder carinas i686 lock pavo1 pavos special test ursa1 ursas vela x86_64

There is a .job file for every builder that essentially controls the builds . This is typically created by ~cbuild/cbuild/tools/spawn.sh that is invoked as per the comments in that script. It automatically puts .job files in each of the queues that it is interested in .

/var/www/ex.seabright.co.nz/var/ has everything else needed to run for this case.

So to spawn a cbuild testrun is to really just do

~/spawn.sh path_to_source_tarball.

If you really want to get to a build environment area it would be useful to get to the machine the job is running on and just run screen -r which is where the job that's running.

If a board dies and you want to release a build then you can do that http://ex.seabright.co.nz/helpers/scheduler and hit the Release link on that

FIXME: actually put some screenshots here or some actual links.

And one more thing ...

The x86 builds run into the cloud.

if builds on oort* goes red . go to ~/lib/scripts/ ./spawn-ec2.sh and spawn one of these.

Odd oort's are x86_64 and even's are x86_32s. lurking means it's not soaking money since this is running in the cloud.

Running a regression test -

[Offline] Michael Hope to me

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cbuild@ursa2:/scratch/cbuild/slave/slaves/ursa2$ make -f ../../lib/build.mk gcc-linaro-4.6-2011.07-0/ubutest.stamp

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