Metrics for August 2010

This Months Burn Down Information

  • To be added.

Current Team Status'


  • Linaro produced the Beta release this month. Full details can be found on the Beta release page.

  • Work item status

    Total Work Items

    Still Todo







  • x of 31 Linaro core team blueprints have been completed.

Working Groups

  • To be added.


  • To be added.

Linaro Wiki

September has seen:

  • Around xxx page views.
  • Around xxx page edits.
  • (source)

Linaro Mailing Lists

  • There were xxx new messages to the mailing lists.
    • linaro-announce saw xxx new messages (source).

    • linaro-dev saw xxx new messages (source).

    • linaro-toolchain saw xxx new messages (source).

    • boot-architecture list saw x message (source).

Linaro IRC Channels

  • #linaro stats.

  • There has been xxx unique irc 'nicks' used on the linaro channel and xx nicks on linaro-meeting to date.

Linaro in the media

  • To be added
  • updates:
    • To be added.

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