Linaro Contribution Agreement

Where Linaro owns an open source code base, it needs to be clear about contributions to that code base. The answer is to have a contribution agreement. In order to keep things simple, we would like a contribution license:

  • that applies both to individuals and companies, members and non-members
  • that applies to any copyright that we choose (although we will predominantly choose recognised open source licenses)

The suggested license below is (lightly) adopted from the Eclipse contributor license (see The features of this are:

  • the contribution agreement is independent of the copyright of the source tree being contributed to
  • Anyone wishing to contribute must register (their email address) via an online form.
  • The contribution request must be re-confirmed after 3 years, or else it will time out
  • They only take patches from known contributors. Access to the git repositories is via a registered email address.

Contribution Agreement

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