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Note that some pages require a login, and are only available to Linaro members - for information on becoming a member, please contact Joe Bates at contactus@linaro.org.

About Us

The Linaro Home Group (LHG) works on solutions common to its members, namely those related to open source software for ARM-based set top boxes, smart TVs, media boxes, TV dongles and home gateway products.

LHG leverages Linaro’s expertise in working collaboratively with the open source community and builds upon its successes. In common with all Linaro segment groups, it consists of Member Assignees, a Steering Committee and operational resources from Linaro (Engineering Director, Technical Leads and Project Management).

Our Goals

  • Preventing fragmentation of effort in the TV / STB / media space
  • Driving the implementation of platform standards for ARM Linux / Android-based media products
  • Creating a single solution place for OEMs, Service and Content providers to interact with ARM Linux platform providers

Our Members

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Linaro Home Group in the News

Linaro and Microsoft collaborate on secure media solutions for ARM-based SoCs

Joining the Linaro Home Group

For information about being part of LHG, please contact Joe Bates at contactus@linaro.org.

Direction - LHG Steering Committee

Each member has a representative on the LHG Steering Committee, which sets the direction and priorities for the group.
The Steering Committee member list, meeting minutes and confidential information are available on the Steering Committee Page

Scope of Work

The LHG will align technical requirements into several broad categories:

  • Kernel (Linaro LSK, OE/Yocto, Android)

  • Media Framework (RDK GStreamer/Android Stagefright, HTML5)

  • User Interface (HTML5, Qt, Webkit, Blink)

  • Security (TrustZone, DRM, crypto, W3C EME)

  • Test and validation (LAVA, CI)

Home Group Publications

See our publications covering architectures, investigations, designs and implementations at the Home Group Publications Page

Management Team



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Mark Gregotski (Linaro)
Linaro Home Group
(UTC -5:00) Eastern Standard Time

Joe Bates (Linaro)
Executive VP
Member Services
(UTC -5:00) Eastern Standard Time

Corey Ji (Linaro)
VP China
Business Development
(UTC +8:00) China Standard Time

Contact Us

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