LEG Roadmap writing best practices

This pages captures some best practices when writing LEG Roadmap cards.

Epic cards

  • Cards that don't need approval of the LEG-SC
  • They don't have a FixVersion

  • They act as a grouping for ease of organization and tracking
  • They present a high level outline of what will be delivered

Roadmap cards

Road map cards capture the high level deliverables and acceptance criteria. All engineering work will stem from them.

Structure for Roadmap cards

  • Rationale: Why does this card exist. What purpose does it serve

  • Background: Information needed to understand the card content

  • Use Cases: Use cases this card will serve to further support rational outlined above

  • Deliverables: Actual high level deliverables engineering is expected to complete. They will need to be broken down further to translate into actual engineering tasks engineering will execute

  • Assumptions: Assumptions considered true when writing the roadmap card

  • Risks: Table of risks and their mitigation at the time of writing the card

  • Acceptance Criteria: Table of the criteria that MUST be met before the card is considered complete

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