UEFI Upstreaming Details

This page captures documents the process of submitting code into the internal UEFI tree for Linaro UEFI monthly releases and upstreaming.

UEFI Upstreaming WoW (Way of Working)


  • Each engineer is expected to have their own public trees found on git.linaro.org. If you don't have it, follow the instructions in this page to get it.

  • Ensure that your patches are available in a separate branch that you can point the UEFI-next tree maintainer at. If not sure how to go about doing that, contact Leif or Steven K. in the UEFI team and they will walk you through the steps.

Submitting Patches into Linaro uefi-next tree

The core Tianocore source tree is maintained on sourceforce.net. However, Linaro maintains a platform tree that contains all of the platforms support Tianocore doesn't. This linaro tree is called uefi-next. This tree is frozen on the 3rd Thursday and releaed on the 4th Thursday of each month. To learn more about this tree, have a look here.

Once patches make it into this tree, the uefi-next kernel tree maintainers will take care of upstreaming your patches to the actual Tianocore (for non-board support components) and keep the board support components.

The process of submitting the patches is as follows:

  • When development is completed, test your code then send your patches for an internal review at linaro-uefi-internal@lists.linaro.org . If you don't hear back in a few days, ping the list again

  • Once you have received an Ack from the uefi-next tree maintainer or co-maintainer, your patches are now ready for inclusion
  • Tag the branch where the patches reside using the following format feature-YYYYMMDD.XX
  • e-mail the boot-architecture@lists.linaro.org ML with your pull request

  • Wait for acknoledgement from the uefi-next tree maintainers

Once the patches have been acknowledged by the uefi-next tree maintainers, they are responsible for upstreaming the core pieces into the Tianocore tree and the board-support specific components into into the relevant board support branch on the uefi-next tree.

If your work requires kernel patches as well, you must submit your patches using the following steps:

<<insert kernel submission process here>>

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