Accessing the Jenkins instance

The Jenkins instance on apm4 is responsible for building and running the HHVM tests. As this Jenkins instance is running on the LAVA lab network it is not possible to connect without first tunnelling to the LAVA lab, then the board.

First create a tunnel on your local machine:

  $ ssh -L 8183:localhost:8183 apm4 -N &

The hostname apm4 is resolved by ssh using the following .ssh/config:

Host apm4
     ForwardAgent yes
     ProxyCommand ssh -X -A -W %h:%p

     IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_launchpad_rsa
     ForwardAgent yes
     User frobware

You should substitute the User and IdentifyFile entries.

Once this is setup you can access the Jenkins instance from your local machine via:

  $ xdg-open http://localhost:8183/


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