Virtualization Team's Weekly Status Meeting

Tuesday, 2013-10-01




IRC nick

Andre Przywara


Christoffer Dall


Clark Laughlin


Claudio Fontana


Ilias Biris


Kim Phillips


Serge Broslavsky



  • Announcements
  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Round table:
    • what have you done since the last meeting?
    • what are you working on at the moment?
    • where do you need some help / assistance?
  • Open floor



  • LCU13:
    • No demos this time, if APM wants demo booth next to reception, they need to apply and agree with LCU organizers.
    • Two sessions: (1) Virtualization Updates and (2) VM with FDT/ACPI discussions
      • (1): We are going to give a status and overview of the work, may not be exciting for engineers, but members and managers are interested. More presentation style. Kim Phillips will present status and overview of device assignment with KVM.
      • (2): We should agree before hand with all stakeholders what our position is on this subject. There will be follow-up discussions from LPC during KVM Forum / ARM Mini-summit and we should take these conclusions to LCU and make sure everyone agree.

Status updates

Clarks’s progress:

  • Libvirt 1.1.3 has been released which contains the ARM patches I have been testing with - requested Fathi to add to PPA
  • Midway - reinstalled Saucy, working great, building libvirt on it and performed manual tests
  • Started working on test suites (currently looking at virt-test and libvirt-tck) - likely will need to modify to work on ARM host
  • Next step is also to work on getting nova running.

Andre’s status:

Anup’s status:

  • Since Last Meeting:
    • Working on Target CPU=Host implementation for KVM, sent out revised patches.
    • Helping pranav to debug xen.
  • Working On:
    • Will be on a leave till Monday from tomorrow.(Will update linaro leaves)
    • APM demo requirements (Needs to finalize with jitendra once back from holiday).

Christoffer’s status:

  • Mostly dealing with VGIC save/restore
  • Looking into Trinity timer bug reported by Will Deacon
  • Review of patches
  • Visa appointment in Toronto

Kim’s status:

  • difficulty communicating with Santosh about what the problem is, and what needs to be done made it time-consuming.
  • discovered i2c rebind possible with existing {unbind,bind} sysfs interfaces
    • contrary to what my prior understanding was
    • able to add 'vfio-dt' to compatible entry in devtree, able to bind i2c dev to vfio-dt driver
    • made a hack to enable attaching vfio-dt driver to any device, will use as base for RFC
  • spent some time researching 'suppress_bind_attrs', which turns out doesn't affect us.
    • drafting RFC, with hopes for upstream-acceptable guidance
      • trying to separate out binding problem with *any* compatible from binding specifically with VFIO

Pranav’s status:

  • Since last meeting
    • Got the US visa :), now APM HR is going to take care of hotel, air tickets reservations for connect for me and anup.
    • Was not in the office yesterday (updated linaro leaves already).
    • Working on revising my Xen patches with latest xen tree.
    • Debugging xen dom0 issue further - DOM0 is getting too many spurious
    • interrupts after acknowledging xen event interrupt.
    • Going through xen VGIC and GIC code to debug this issue further.
  • Working On:
    • Will be sending xen and libvirt patches on Thursday.
    • Have a local holiday tomorrow.

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