Virtualization Team's Weekly Status Meeting

Tuesday, 2013-09-03




IRC nick

Andre Przywara


Anup Patel


Christoffer Dall


Claudio Fontana


Julien Grall


Kim Phillips


Pranavkumar Sawargaonkar


Serge Broslavsky


This was a Google Hangout based monthly meeting.


  • Announcements
  • Round table:
    • what have you done since the last meeting?
    • what are you working on at the moment?
    • where do you need some help / assistance?
  • Open floor



  • JIRA Updates
    • almost done, completing this week
    • no work not on JIRA ticket is allowed
      • no card - poke Chris/Serge to create one
      • or don’t work on that
  • Bi-weekly open KVM/QEMU technical call

    • Also added to Linaro Meetings (private)
    • Request an invitation from Christoffer to participate
    • Minutes are posted to kvm-arm ML (e.g. this one)

Status updates:

Andre’s status:

  • Xen on Calxeda: some progress, but still not in Dom0
    • Xen UART is now accepting input, but not propagating to Dom0
    • trying Stefano’s SWIOTLB patches that avoid 1:1 workaround
      • crashed my file system :-(

  • Boot protocol:
    • implemented prototype support in u-boot and Xen
    • formulated device tree binding proposal and sent out

Anup’s status:

  • I had a look at VIRT-121 (cpu=host) and VIRT-122 (cpu!=pcpu) blueprints.
  • We will need to wait a bit for VIRT-122 RFC patches because specs are not open from ARM and APM. I will still keep working in this direction anyways
  • I have RFC patches for VIRT-121 ready. I will send them out with some more testing.
  • Spend quite some time debugging Xen ARM64 on X-Gene Storm SoC so far Xen ARM64 bringup going quite well.

Christoffer’s status:

  • KVM maintainer duties, pull request with minor updates only for 3.12
  • Huge pages and save/restore did not make it for 3.12, please someone help review the code so we can upstream it for 3.13
  • Loads of JIRA work, see separate discussion

Julien’s status:

  • Last week
    • Sent the v2 of the device tree editing (VIRT-76)
    • Add support to non-contiguous CPU ID (VIRT-75)
    • Trying to boot Linux 3.11 as dom0 on the Arndale. Doesn't work because the 1:1 mapping is not correct (memory to high)
  • This week
    • Off thursday. Working remotely friday
    • Add support for dom0 initramfs (blueprint not yet creating)
    • Update documentation

Kim’s status:

Claudio’s status:

  • aarch64 tcg host support patches to review from R.H.
  • libvixl integration basically done (functional), but disassembly output quality is not good. Many missing instructions, dependency on scons and c++, limitations on 64bit LP64 for the host. Patches available, but I am arguing on the list for the objdump approach suggested by R.H.
  • PSCI interface: studied the SMC calling conventions and the PSCI specification, ready to go
  • virtio emergency console: not looked at it yet.
  • local restrictions on data interchange and internet access create issues: change is underway however, ETA for internet “green zone” is 2 weeks. This won’t solve all problems but will mitigate a lot if it works the way I hope.
  • probably need to create blueprint for aarch64 host work

Open Floor:

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