There is also the private wiki


The work done on OpenJDK should be trackeded under the auspices of Linaro. See the OpenJDK Dashboard (WIP).

The public facing website is, from which builds can be found along with tests results.

The Jenkins-hosted continuous integration system.

Hadoop Terasort results

SPECjbb2013 results


Bi-weekly there are "Fire-side" chats at 15:00 UTC. These are hosted in Bluejeans here:

Engineers should be subscribed to the following mailing lists on

There are many other mailing lists, but that is a basic set to get started with.

There is an Linaro hosted mailing list: linaro-openjdk - everyone should subscribe to that. It will be used for announcements of monthly builds and for discussions particular to Linaro. This list is publicly accessible.


Here are some useful references on Hotspot and AArch64.




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