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EU/Asia Meeting


  • Andrea Gallo
  • Anmar Oueija
  • Fathi Boudra
  • Ilias Biris
  • Rony Nandy
  • Ryan Harkin
  • Steve Capper
  • Steve McIntyre

  • Fu Wei


  • News
    • Deployment of the Calxeda systems is ongoing to get them hooked up for ssh access. This is expected by early wk 3 - contact Dave Pigott for any further info. However you should note that the LAVA integration work for those systems is now blocked due to missing resources to complete the enablement work needed on LAVA
    • Next week (14-18 Jan) is the members face to face meeting - the EU/Asia engineering meeting will be run by Ryan Harkin (thanks Ryan!)
    • Reminder: 13.01 release freeze date is the 24 Jan.
  • Status
    • Rony:
      • Working on usb and ethernet enablement for UEFI related to the pxe boot. There is already some core support of USB on UEFI - the work involves porting the proper drivers to bring up the USB (once that is up then ethernet-over-usb will be possible).
      • Kernel for Arndale is rebased to 3.7 - all relevant patches except from KVM - this will be part of the 13.01 release.
    • Ryan: no feature work on 13.01 but rolling out a new tree for UEFI. Working out on getting the work flow in place.
    • Steve McIntyre: continuing the scanning, expecting to get a first cut of the package selection based on the workloads soon to look for further optimisations. Target to get this in place for 13.01.

    • Steve Capper: working on building Hadoop 2.0.2-alpha building with native support. A small test configuration with namenode, single datanode and worker process was used to test the overall setup. Teragen/terasort and distcp all work. Will continue the work on CRC32 NEON optimised patches - the challenge is to get a draft cut of the optimisation patches in for 13.01 release.
    • Fu Wei: just started with the onboarding process, will look into LAVA as first task to learn the environment and get ready for the work. Fu Wei will be linked to the work Steve Capper is doing looking into benchmarking tests for CRC32 (hopefully with clear performance results) and will integrate to LAVA.
      • A good starting point would be getting the effort off the ground with a single node set of metrics. Targetting multinode setup on LAVA needs support on LAVA first.
    • Also Ilias discussed with Anup and Pranav from APM - outside the normal meeting
      • KVM status: Managed to boot a kernel compiled from the kvm-arm64 branch of Marc Zyngier's tree on v8 Foundation Model. Had to use the fixed vexpress-foundation-v8.dts and using Marc's git repo for the kernel (git://
        • On the QEMU side there is more work needed for aarch64 - this will probably need to have some more input from Peter Maydell when he is back
        • Will try next kvmtool to run 32bit and 64bit guest - there has been recently addition of ARMv8 support for kvmtool
        • Anup and Pranav are unable to use the rootfs provided by Linaro for armv8 and have compiled their own minimal rootfs to move forward
        • Expecting to have some more assignees - to pick up work on QEMU

Actions from this meeting

No actions were recorded

Actions from last meeting

  • TODO: Leif - Ensure to include NUMA test suite (PoC: Leif/StevenC) once we have NUMA topic branch. It's along the lines linux-linaro test coverage and Deepak's kernel test suite (ktest -

  • TODO: Anmar to discuss with Alexander on what is the division of the validation work as described in CARD-240

  • INPROGRESS: ALL should check the cards in the JIRA structure - indicate what could be possibly release material for 13.01.
  • INPROGRESS: Fathi to sort out Leif's questions about LEG specific use cases (no SD card, Hard Drive, installer, PXE boot requirement) wrt tools.
  • INPROGRESS: Leif to look in to the list of requirements for PXE boot
  • INPROGRESS: Ilias/Anmar get the engineering build requirements as defined as possible
    • Will be work in progress. Needs more assignees in the new year to confirm suitability
    • In the meantime, we need to setup the basic build for Arndale
    • NOTE: Fedora eng build card in now in place

  • INPROGRESS Leif to split the GRUB wiki pages into separate UEFI and Uboot

  • DONE: Ilias will contact folks individually for cards which need to be checked prior to any review by the LEG-SC.
  • DONE: Ilias to clarify CARD-214 with Product management - this still the epic card and has been linked against the subcards.

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