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EU/Asia Call


  • [X] Andrea Gallo
  • [ ] Anmar Oueija
  • [ ] Fathi Boudra
  • [ ] Ilias Biris
  • [X] Leif Lindholm
  • [ ] Rony Nandy
  • [ ] Ryan Harkin
  • [ ] Steve Capper
  • [X] Steve McIntyre


  • Go over actions from last meeting
  • 12.12 release

  • Around the table - updates and other points to be raised

Actions From Last Meeting

  • TODO: Ilias should write up in the wiki about how the planning + roadmap process are implemented in LEG - Should be "frozen" till the Anmar and Ilias have finished their JIRA experiments
  • TODO Leif to split the GRUB wiki pages into separate UEFI and Uboot ones in preparation for the 12.12 release
  • TODO: Fathi to provide guideline on submitting code to LAVA.
  • TODO: Fathi to sort out Leif's questions about LEG specific use cases (no SD card, Hard Drive, installer, PXE boot requirement) wrt tools.
  • TODO: Leif - Ensure to include NUMA test suite (PoC: Leif/StevenC) once we have NUMA topic branch. It's along the lines linux-linaro test coverage and Deepak's kernel test suite (ktest -

  • TODO: Anmar to discuss with Alexander on what is the division of the validation work as described in CARD-240

  • INPROGRESS: Al to start breaking down the ACPI for ARMv7 to have something usable and demonstrable by Connect @ Hong Kong. Al should start breaking down into tasks to look then at how to start working with the cards with Ilias.
  • INPROGRESS: Ilias to clarify CARD-214 with Loic - trying to get that feedback from Loic

  • INPROGRESS: Leif to look in to the list of requirements for PXE boot
  • INPROGRESS: Ilias/Anmar get the engineering build requirements as defined as possible by end of wk49.2012 (card in JIRA)
    • Will be work in progress. Needs more assignees in the new year to confirm suitability
    • In the meantime, we need to setup the basic build for Arndale
  • DONE: Al to look into getting the list of Fedora packages which are dependent on inline assembly and would need to be reworked for ARM servers.
  • DONE Anmar to talk to Michael and see if we can add the KVM source to Rony's Arndale tree (;a=summary)

    • Code is based on 3.7 so back porting into Rony's tree is a no go, given the time and risk.
    • Suggest we build a HWPack with Chris' tree and use that as an additional image or just point at the tree with instructions

Actions From This Meeting

  • None.



  • Steve Capper is back starting Jan 2nd as a 100% Linaro assignee (all vacations are clearly marked in the Linaro-leaves calendar)
  • Anup and Paranav to start KVM work using Marc Z work released 2 days ago
  • LEG-SC face to face meeting on 15th - Santa Clara
  • Linaro stand during the open computer summit - 16th - Santa Clara
  • KVM face to face on 17th - Santa Clara
  • Working on getting the 12.12 release out of the door by end of day today.
  • 64bit UEFI discussion
  • Happy holidays everyone. See you in the new year

US Call

Call was cancelled

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