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Welcome to LEG's wiki. This is a publicly accessible site designed to provide you with all the information you need to stay up to date on our activities and help us make our vision a reality.

About Us

Our direction it set by the LEG Steering Committee, login required. Our work is done by a group of distributed engineers across multiple countries.

Learn about what we do

In addition to this wiki, we use e-mail lists, IRC and to communicate.

* LEG's portals

* LEG's public mailing list - linaro-enterprise. Archive is here

Open Source Licenses

LEG operates following the Linaro TSC policy on open source licenses. Specific licenses not covered by such documents need case-by-case approval and logging.

Managing Confidential Information

All work done in LEG happens in the open. The LEG-SC steering committee holds two wiki portals, one Internal restricted to LEG SC members and one public. The majority of the internal wiki gets published on a regular basis on the open wiki.

LEG manages the confidential information received from ARM as per the attached policy.

LEG Roadmap

[Login required]

LEG uses the Linaro cards system to chart our plans. And Roadmap is accessible through LEG Portals'


The following is the list of areas LEG engineers falls under. Click on the area of interest to find more:

More engineering details can be found in the Engineering sub-pages


LEG has an active schedule spread across conferences, work shops and Linaro connect. For the list of events, click here.


LEG adheres to Linaro's processes and expands on them. We are implementing a new engineering process to help with predictability and better reporting. Keep in mind we are continuously improving our processes so check our process page often.


LEG participates to the Linaro monthly release with components that are of importance for server related work. LEG releases are hosted here.


The main focus from the architecture point of view is ARMv8 (AArch64 - ARM 64bit), we currently rely on using ARM v8 Foundation model, which can be downloaded and installed from here. There are several HW platforms available nowadays, such as

In addition to these there are member introduced boards or systems:

  • The APM Mustang
  • The AMD Seattle
  • The Cavium ThunderX

Others are on the way

Regarding ARMv7, at the very beginning of LEG we had decided to standardize on a single low cost board to serve most development and testing needs. We used Arndale boards which were supported by Linaro platform. These pages contain information regarding that early effort to get the board booting.

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