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  • George Grey (Linaro)
  • Kate Stewart (Linaro)
  • David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Mark Orvek (Linaro)
  • Anmar Oueja (Linaro)
  • Ilias Biris (Linaro)
  • Andrea Gallo (Linaro)
  • Leendert VanDoorn (AMD)

  • Leo Duran (AMD)
  • Venu Vadapalli (Broadcomm)
  • Larry Wikelius (Calxeda)
  • Rob Herring (Calxeda)
  • Kiko (Canonical)
  • Prasun Kapoor (Cavium)
  • Stefano Stabellini (Citrix)
  • Ali Adl-Tabatabai (Facebook)
  • Assaf Hoffman (Marvell)
  • Jon Masters (Red Hat)
  • Elsie Wahlig (Samsung)
  • Riccardo Ukmar (ST)
  • Bill Mills (TI)

Roadmap Review

LEG updated roadmap 2013Q1-2


  • Leendert: postpone PCIe later and focus on UEFI - SMC - PSCI
  • need to get UEFI PI code for ARM v8
    • align with Jason Parker, Dan Hadley and Charles Garcia-Tobin at ARM
  • runtime services - clarify how to change execution level
    • defined in the binding spec for ARM
    • Bill: is early printk available in UEFI?
      • it should be needed to store UEFI vars
    • Stefano: for XEN, need a PV with hypervisor code API to access the runtime services
  • Kiko: is UEFI ready for UEFI-based products in 2014?
  • Jon: top-to-bottom it looks so, if not for the hyp boot
  • Leendert: we shall target product recommendation to use UEFI from e/o 2013 and issue a Technology Recommendation
  • Bill/Jon: booting a virtualized guest OS with its own virtualized UEFI would be the next step
    • it is a contract to be able to update the bootloader



  • P/C states to be mapped: On, Off, suspend, deep sleep
    • manage the idle state via frequency scaling, runtime PM, etc. not via ACPI
    • Leendert: need to quickly define the mapping of ACPI P/C states to ARM server
    • Ali: states shall have a clear well-documented and measured latency for entry/exit. It shall be possible to disable those states if their latency is too long for some applications
  • list of most important tables to be created and tested
    • Al Stone to propose the prioritized list and submit it for LEG-SC review
  • ACPI-RAS: reference to thermal sensor, fan control, etc.
    • RAS here is misleading as it is much broader, rename in roadmap as ACPI EC - Environment Control


Report OpenJDK project set up to the LEG-SC by early April

Verticals roadmap

Organize a 1h slot on verticals at LCA-13

Actions from this meeting






OpenJDK project set-up reporting early April



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