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  • George Grey (Linaro)
  • Kate Stewart (Linaro)
  • David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Mark Orvek (Linaro)
  • Anmar Oueja (Linaro)
  • Ilias Biris (Linaro)
  • Andrea Gallo (Linaro)
  • Leendert VanDoorn (AMD)

  • Leo Duran (AMD)
  • Venu Vadapalli (Broadcomm)
  • Larry Wikelius (Calxeda)
  • Rob Herring (Calxeda)
  • Kiko (Canonical)
  • Prasun Kapoor (Cavium)
  • Stefano Stabellini (Citrix)
  • Assaf Hoffman (Marvell)
  • Jon Masters (Red Hat)
  • Elsie Wahlig (Samsung)
  • Riccardo Ukmar (ST)
  • Bill Mills (TI)


  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Nataraja K Muniyappa (LG Electronics)
  • Christian Bejram (ST Ericsson)
  • Ziang Hu (Huawei)

LEG Engineers

  • Ard Biesheuvel
  • Steve Capper
  • Grant Likely
  • Leif Lindholm
  • Steve McIntyre

Unable to attend

  • Kumar Sankaran (Applied Micro)
  • Jeff Underhill (ARM)
  • Ali Adl-Tabatabai (Facebook)
  • Tim Wesselman (HP)
  • Xinwei Hu (Huawei)

Engineering Review

LEG Engineering review slides

  • UEFI v8
    • Leendert/Jon expressed concern
    • Need clear action plan to get access to the UEFI v8 code from ARM
    • There is a severe risk of fragmentation for the UEFI v8 project if not started asap in Linaro
    • discussed the option to start activities under a proprietary license in a private git with involvement of those engineers who have access to the source code from ARM in their respective companies
    • (later update discussed after the session) given that both ARM and Linaro are members of the UEFI Forum, we should be able to share ARM v8 UEFI PI code in a private GIT under the UEFI Contributor agreement as the private patch review process before the UEFI spec update is published
  • GRUB2
    • Jon expressed concern about efforts to have it work, there is significant amount of x86 code
    • Leif: only the chain loading code needs porting, everything else is platform independent
  • OpenJDK
    • Leendert expressed concern that two resources in Linaro and two at Red Hat is not enough for any serious C1/C2 work. OpenJDK is a show stopper for ARM v8 LEG work
    • Concern on the governance of the ARM v8 OpenJDK project: who is driving it? the OpenJDK community, Red Hat or Linaro?
  • Verticals
    • Andrea highlighted that the ambitions of the verticals need review
    • if the ambition is to test, profile and optimise each vertical - as the roadmap slide shows - with few engineers, almost one per vertical, it is possible only to start scratching the dust
    • better to reduce the ambitions and statement to low hanging fruits

    • agreed to organize a dedicated session during the week

Actions from this meeting






Access to ARM UEFI v8 code




Build OpenJDK plans at Linaro+RH

Andrea, Jon


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