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Welcome to LAVA's wiki. This is a publicly accessible site designed to provide you with all the information you need to stay up to date on our activities and help us make our vision a reality.

About Us

Our direction is set by the Linaro Technical Steering Committee.


The LAVA team is focused on three technical 3 areas:

  • LAVA Team
    • LAVA Core Development
      • Supporting Linaro CI loop and the LAVA Lab
      • Supporting Linaro members deploying and using LAVA
      • Supporting LAVA community users

LAVA Engineering

LAVA Documentation

  1. Two Scoops Django best practices

  2. Pro Django

  3. Practical Django Projects

  4. Definitive guide to django development

  5. Html5 + jquery

LAVA Development

LAVA Processes

LAVA adheres to Linaro's processes and expands on them.

LAVA Bug tracking


In addition to this wiki

LAVA in the Community

LAVA Team Roadmap

LAVA Roadmap 30th June 2013

Team & Availability

LAVA Events Calendar

LAVA Team Calendar.

Other LAVA pages

We also maintain a list of other links that LAVA team members use as well as pages tagged as CategoryLava

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