Release Manager Meeting (skaet, JamieBennett)

Launchpad Improvements

Bug Improvements

  • For next cycle the Linaro Infrastructure team are investigating providing historical information for bugs.
    • e.g. Bugs filed this release, bugs closed in the last month, number of new bugs this week, bugs this cycle compared to last cycle e.t.c.
  • The team are also investigating implementing a bug classification of 'feature' or 'task' which could be used for work items. This would remove the current white board hack that the work item tracker uses.
    • The tracker can use linked bugs for work items.
    • These bugs would not show up in regular bug searches.
    • Details need ironing out.
  • Adding estimates to the bugs so an assignee can estimate how long it will take to implement/fix the bug/feature.
    • Heuristics on estimate to actual to predict average bug/work items completion/fix.

Tracking Improvements

  • Also investigating providing a status stream for a project.
    • Would contain information such as number of new bugs, new package releases, closed bugs, work items completed e.t.c.
    • These would be time based reports (weekly, monthly, cycle e.t.c).

General Improvements

  • More graphing
  • Blueprints will be explored for next cycle.

  • ureadahead fix?
    • Waiting on Scott.
  • SRU process for Linaro?
    • Need to arrange a call with Steve and Kate on Wednesday to talk this through.

Bug Metrics

  • Matching projects with their responsible Ubuntu team would be beneficial when automating the production of team bug lists. This will need to be done manually. Kate is producing a spreadsheet and needs help filling it in.
  • Kate is going to share some ways of producing bug metrics that Marjo is working on. Need to give feedback and see if we can incorporate them into Linaro.

Project Management

  • Keep Kate involved with the proposed Launchpad changes to be worked on next cycle.

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