Project Management in Launchpad (james_w, JamieBennett)

Initial Task

[20:43] james_w: JamieBennett: I just want to get an idea of what you want to achieve with project management tools that you can't right now
[20:43]JamieBennett: james_w: OK
[20:44]james_w: JamieBennett: I'd prefer not to just go through a laundry list of changes you want in LP, and talk more about what you want to be able to do, as I have to write higher-level goals for the TSC

High level goals

  • Make determining the status of projects and groups as easy as possible.
  • See whats been done and what still needs to be done.
  • Be able to make planning decisions after all blueprints are submitted into launchpad.
  • Be able to determine high-risk blueprints in launchpad to keep an extra eye on them during the cycle.
  • Easier bug tracking through time based summary information. A clear history.
  • See which blueprints are behind, on-track, blocked on a project and group basis and have that flagged.
  • Group blueprints over different projects and teams to build up a bigger picture.
  • Have enough heuristics on past performance to build in an estimate based on individuals, projects, and linked projects.
  • Rename 'work items' to 'tasks' ;)

Things I get asked

  • What code has gone upstream?
  • Whats been done this week/month?
  • Where are we on 'x' (easy to find status update)?
  • Are we on track?
  • Who's doing 'x'?
  • How long did 'x' take to do?
  • What is the status of bugs for the whole project?


  • Project and group status stream. Whats happened (bugs closed, bugs filed, code check in's, new versions, e.t.c).
  • Time-based reports for projects and groups. Status as above per week/month/cycle.
  • Work item tracker inside launchpad.
  • Lightweight bugs for work items?
    • Don't show up in bug searches.
    • Simplified UI?
    • Allow estimates to be added (2hr's, 4 days, 1 week).
      • Can be used to see if a blueprint or project as a whole is realistic for a deadline.
    • Used solely for tracking work items.
  • Burn down charts directly in launchpad.

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