Week Commencing 5th July 2010


  • Spent much of Monday morning catching up with emails, wiki's and various other sources after my vacation. Furious wiki editing and tidy-up. Decided to unsubscribe from a few less read mailing lists to try to avoid the '3000-emails-sitting-in-my-inbox-after-vacation' syndrome.

  • Took on TLE (Technical Liaison Engineer) role to be ARM's technical point of contact. Extra workload at this stage should be manageable but will be reassessed at a later date.
  • Usual meetings, kernel consolidation minutes and associated wiki pages done.

Sprint Planning

  • Lots of coordinating the Linaro sprint, answering peoples questions, arranging hardware to be available, making sure we have enough room and working with Anmar to take some tasks from him as he is on vacation next week.
  • Arranged with Stephen Doel to supply hardware for the sprint, recommended specific items which should arrive by Friday next week.

Blueprints and Releases

  • Started discussions about how we can improve the blueprint/work item tracking. For next cycle I will propose some changes to make progress on work items much more transparent.
  • Prodded team members individually to ensure they are on top of their work items. There is a worrying amount of work still to do this cycle and keeping on top of this is essential. Some blueprints need more love than others so talked to the managers to ensure everything is still on track.
  • The Power Management and Toolchain work groups now have blueprints associated with them. These are not tracked with the main release burn-downs. Set up launchpad projects for each working group and worked with pitti to get the work-item tracker recognising the new projects.


  • Spent some time looking at the launchpad-work-item tracker project to try to understand how it can be hacked for our purposes. There are a few features I will be working on before next cycle to make the Linaro project easier to track.
  • Pushed 'members as groups' support to the work item tracker. Now projects with members who are actually groups can be tracked allowing 'meta-projects' to be created to track disparate projects all together. http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/arm-ubuntu.html is an example of one such meta-project which is set up to track the 3 Linaro groups progress.

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