Glossary of Linaro Terms

Many terms used by Linaro aren't always known or understood outside of the organization. In an effort to help fill this gap and create an on-going knowledge base we have created this page.

We would like to keep this to the Term, definition and a link with more information. Please submit suggestions and corrections for Process/Project Management/JIRA terms using using the product Process.

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If you add a term please keep this in alphabetical order.

  • big.LITTLE - an architectural terminology which system from ARM a 'big' Cortex A15 processor is paired with a 'LITTLE' Cortex A7 processor to create a system that can accomplish both high intensity and low intensity tasks in the most energy efficient manner - Big.LITTLE Processing with ARM Cortex™-A15 & Cortex-A7 at ARM

  • big.LITTLE IKS - In Kernel Switcher - The 'In Kernel Switcher' (IKS) is a solution developed by Linaro and ARM to support ARM's new big.LITTLE implementation. It is pairing together an A7 (LITTLE) and an A15 (big) processor into a logical entity that is then presented to the kernel as one CPU. From there the solution is seeking to achieve optimal performance and power consumption by switching between the big or the LITTLE core based on system usage. Mathieu Poirier's ELC 2013 talk and pdf of his slides Also more information can be found in this LWN Article

  • big.LITTLE MP - an example of big.LITTLE architecture, which is essentially Heterogeneous MultiProcessing by allowing both Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 to be powered on and enables threads to be executed on the processing resource that is most appropriate - Big.LITTLE Processing with ARM Cortex™-A15 & Cortex-A7 at ARM

  • Blueprint - Describes the work required to implement part or all of the requirements in the parent CARD. Typically represents 1 to 4 weeks of work. Blueprints can have 1 or more Subtasks as children (optional).

  • C-state - Processor C states from cpuidle - more information

  • CARD - A CARD describes the work needed to implement part or all of the requirement described in the EPIC and are expected to require about at least 1 month of work and up to 9 months. Updates and status are also captured.

  • CMP - Chip multiprocessor, where all cores are on a single die

  • Engineering Card - An internal JIRA structure to link the Roadmap project to a JIRA engineering project and its Blueprints. Should contain no information and is owned by project managers.

  • Engineering Project - A JIRA project for one team that contains the engineer level work descriptions and tracking. Contains Blueprints (required) and Subtasks (optional).

  • EPIC - Used with JIRA. An EPIC is sufficiently large is scope that it may involve multiple groups and require 3-12 months to complete to deliver value. This is highest, least detailed work description in the JIRA Roadmap project hierarchy

  • JIRA - JIRA is an issue and project management system used by the Engineering and Landing Teams to plan, review, and track work.

  • L2CC - Level 2 Cache Controller - more information at ARM

  • Landing Team - Engineering team for a specific SoC family - More Information

  • Launchpad - Launchpad is an open source suite of tools that help people and teams to work together on software projects for Projects, Bug tracking, Translations, Code hosting and review, Ubuntu package building and hosting, Answers – community support, Blueprint – specification tracking, Packaging - more information at launchpad

  • LAVA - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture - More Information

  • LEB - Linaro Engineering Build

  • LEB - Linaro Evaluation Build

  • Linaro - Linux on ARM - More Information

  • Linaro Image Tools(l-i-t) - Tools and Scripts to manipulate and install Linaro Images/Releases on media

  • linaro-media-create - a script that allows the Linaro engineer to create hardware packs or installable image according to a configuration file. One hardware pack is created for each specified architecture. The tool can build a hardware pack for any architecture, regardless of the host platform.

  • LNG - The Linaro Networking Group; a segment group of Linaro.

  • OCTO - Office of the CTO - More Information

  • ODP - OpenDataPlane - open source community project managed through the Linaro Networking Group (LNG).

  • OPSCOM - Operational Sub-Committee of the TSC - meets monhtly

  • P-state - Processor P states from cpufreq - more information

  • PMO - The Project Management Office defines, implements and maintains Project Management Best Practices and processes for Linaro.

  • Powertop - a Linux tool which tells various statistics about the power usage for your system and also gives some suggestions on how to decrease power consumption - more information

  • PPA - Personal Package Archive - Personal Package Archive (PPA), can distribute software and updates directly to Ubuntu users. Ubuntu users can install your packages in just the same way they install standard Ubuntu packages. Every individual and team in Launchpad can have one or more PPAs, each with its own URL - more information at launchpad

  • Roadmap Project - a JIRA project that contains the requirements and features for the Linaro Roadmap in the form of EPICs and CARDs. The dynamically generated Linaro Roadmaps pull the data from this project.

  • SCU - Snoop Control Unit: transparently keeps data shared across processors coherent - More Information at ARM

  • SMP - Symmetric Multiprocessing - More Information

  • SoC - System on a Chip - More information

  • Subtask - A JIRA issue type that describes the work required to implement all or part of a Blueprint A Subtask's work may last from 1 day to 2 weeks typically and are optional to use. Subtasks are used only in Engineering Projects.

  • UCM - ALSA Use Case Manager - a LGPL library designed to allow high level control of audio use cases in sound device hardware Consistent and simple C API. The library provides simple and consistent methods to change use case and thus make applications more portable across different devices. Ability to change any ALSA audio control type. This includes signal gain and signal routing (through mixers and muxes). Gain and mixer aliasing. Different use cases may use different hardware gain controls (e.g. some hardware has different hardware gain controls for headphone and speaker volumes) . The library can alias controls so that the correct volume control is updated no matter what use case is in operation - more information at slimlogic

  • UEFI - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - More Information

  • UFS - Universal Flash Storage - A common flash storage specification to bring higher data transfer speed and increased reliability in flash memory storage for digital cameras, mobile phones and consumer electronic devices. UFS is supported by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Samsung and Micron and The standard is currently being constructed by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association

  • UMM - Unified Memory Management - More Information

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