Linaro Release Candidate Image

The Linaro Release Candidate Image was released 2010-11-01. This image will form the basis of the final release on 2010-11-10. Please download and test the image from and provide feedback on

The 10.11 Release

The work undertaken in the past 6 months by Linaro will be brought together in the form of the 10.11 Linaro release. The date of release is set at 10th November 2010.

For more information please see the 10.11 release page.

What is Linaro?

Linaro is an engineering consortium focused on driving forward ARM innovation in open source software. We achieve that by

  1. Investing in upstream development in key areas: boot, kernel, toolchain, graphics and hardware-dependent middleware.
  2. Delivering a reference operating system platform at regular intervals to showcase this investment.
  3. Providing tools that allow developers to reuse the platform according to their needs.

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Near Term Technical Objectives

  • Provide a reference OS that can support multiple user experiences for the purpose of hardware enablement, optimization and product development.
  • Consolidate a wide variety of ARM hardware-related patches into a unified source tree.
  • Integrate and optimize the Linux development toolchain for ARM, including compiler, linker, debugging and profiling tools.
  • Ensure relevant graphics rendering pipelines are optimized for OpenGLES/2.0, and that drivers are integrated.
  • Provide tools that allow developers to customize and validate the reference OS components to their needs, possibly including proprietary extensions.

About the Linaro Development Process

Every May and November, Linaro releases a stable version of its platform. This frequency allows Linaro developers to include the cutting edge of open source software, while still providing a stable foundation to build upon. Release dates are established by the technical steering committee (TSC) with community input.

The latest roadmap, requirement, and development information can be found here.

Meet the teams

Linaro has been organized into a series of teams.




User Platforms

Kernel Consolidation

Power Management


Technical oversight of Linaro

Integration, release management, key projects

Tools, process development, QA

Middleware, graphics, 'head' development

Kernel version alignment and improvement

Power reduction, device longevity, performance optimization

Optimal tool chain selection and development

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