LAVA demo/test/dev system

  • Setup hardware running full LAVA stack + a few development boards
    • Dave Pigott to bring a shelf with boards
  • This will provide us with a local working copy, and also help get a sense of the "big picture"

Power Management testing

  • Work with pmwg to get tests integrated
  • work with pmwg to get scripts for monitoring power consumption working
  • Discuss how to best integrate into LAVA

Development Cross-training on LAVA components

  • walk throughs of highlights and getting started on things like packaging with django-debian and lava components

Validation Farm requirements

  • Documentation of processes
  • backups and recovery
  • network connection

Web front page reports

  • Focus on simple to understand, but useful status to highlight on the front of
  • See what we need to modify about how we store data to make it easier
  • Allowing detailed sub-pages

Other Requirements

  • Long running jobs
  • Dealing with upgrades and maintenance windows

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