Topics for all sessions

  • Introduce Gerrit
  • Setting up ~linaro-android/gfx-panda, wg-panda, etc.

Graphics WG

  • Leading
    • Patrik Ryd
    • Initial glmark2 native code bring up on the Panda LEB, specifically, working on the to build glmark2 in the Android platform.
    Suggested Preparation
    • A local Panda LEB build that has been compiled and runs on the board with glmark2 source in an external/gl2mark folder and a rough in that folder that gets called during an Android build
    BPs/Bugs Notes

Samsung LT

Toolchain WG

  • Leading
    • Bernhard Rosenkränzer
    • Introduce bionic (libc)
    • Review builds flags that are typically passed to libs and executables
    • Show how to build bionic
    • The Android Team and the Toolchain team will also talk about
      • Bug triage
      • Fix verification
      • Hosting Toolchains with Android specific patches
    Suggested Preparation
    • A locally compiled Android build, steps to recompile libc for demoing, an overview of libc and a list of flags for libs and executables
  • Actual
    • Should run GCC tests AI
    • Get you going with Android
    • -O2, -O3 plan AI group
    • Toolchain, bzr to git Paul Sokolovsky AI toolchain
    • tip of tree
    • Identifying things I care about
    • Hot spots in compiling Android
      • Android Oxbenchmark, Andy Doan
    • skia
    • profiling
    • drawer swipe
    • Compiler flags?
      • -O2, -O3
      • -O3
      • -O3 -funroolps
      • -O3 -funrollalllopps
      • -Wstrict aliasing
      • -linked time optimization , ltl
      • profile directed feedback
        • benchmark, counter file
      • Dynamic linker #style GNU
      • D32, D16
      • softfp, tune for correct architecture
      • hardfloat, hardfloat pcs
      • built in memcpys
        • a toolchain person has done a lot of toolchain person, Dane and Ken toolshain optimizations
    • GCC skia optimization (work item)
    • #1 perf, #2 oprofile

Power WG

Platform WG

Multimedia WG

ST-Ericsson LT


Kernel WG

Freescale LT



  • Brainstorming session with Kiko
  • KWG syncup with Deepak

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