Linaro Connect Q2.12 Plenary Session

Submission deadline is 4 May 2012!

We will have 30 minutes of plenary talks daily from Tuesday through Friday which give Linaro Connect attendees an opportunity to address Linaro, its current and potential Member and Partner representatives as well as the community as a whole. These are broken up into two(2)-15 minute sessions for a total of 8 Plenary Slots available for the Linaro Connect Q2.12 event. If you want to do a plenary then please add your topic below.

Want to give a plenary talk, but aren't sure where to start? Here are some hints:

  • The intended audience is the group of Linaro Engineers as well as the upstreams/downstreams in attendance. This may also include attendees from members, partners, ISVs, OEM/ODMs, and any one who has an interest in the Linaro ecosystem.
  • "Here's what's going with [INSERT PROJECT NAME] project and how it will affect Linaro" makes for great plenaries.
  • The plenary length will be 15 minutes.
  • The presenter should not bore people to death, remember it's the start of each day - motivate people, create buzz, excite and challenge the audience. Remember, we have limited slots and we expect presenters to be prepared with slides and for the talk to be relevant to the wider Linaro audience.
  • Presenters are expected to be ready to present the week of Linaro Connect. Due to changing travel schedules on occasion we may need to shuffle people to a different day, we expect presenters to be prepared prior to arrival at Linaro Connect and not creating slides the day before (or minutes before taking the stag - yes that does happen).

How to submit your talk

Plenary Submissions and suggested plenary sessions can be added to the wiki; however, for your submission to be considered it needs to be emailed to David Rusling, Linaro CTO , and should include the following information:

  • Plenary Title:
  • 3-5 Sentence abstract about what this talk will be about and how it is connected to Linaro.
  • Presenters Name, Company

How your talk will be selected

Christian "Kiko" Reis, VP of Engineering, Linaro; David Rusling, CTO, Linaro; and Steve Taylor, Marketing Director, Linaro will decided on which talks are selected to fill the eight (8) Plenary Slots that we have available.

If your talk is selected

If your talk is accepted and when scheduling starts David Rusling will slot your plenary into a session and it will show up on the schedule. If you do not have a laptop you can share your presentation with David Rusling via USB stick, mail, or whatever. If you have your own laptop, members of the AV team will be available throughout the week for you to check that your laptop works with the projector.

After you present your Plenary Session

Once you have presented your plenary session, please take a moment to email your slides to Jennifer Castelino so we may link to both your presentation slides and video.

Proposed Plenaries



Special Needs

Upstreaming Lessons Learned by the Graphics Working Group

Jesse Barker


Plenaries and Talks You'd Like to See

If you'd like to see a topic covered, please add your suggestion below so we can find the best presenters for your suggested talk:

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