Before Linaro@UDS

The Linaro engineering cycle begins 3 months before each Linaro Developer Summit, and we'd like you to get involved before the 11.11 Summit too.

The key dates to know about are:

  • The Technical Steering Committee(TSC) met on the 15 & 16 March in Bangalore for this cycle. This meeting set the high level Technical Requirements for the 11.11 engineering cycle

    • We encourage, and want, input from anyone and everyone into each Linaro engineering cycle
    • Please discuss your ideas with the relevant Tech Lead or TSC Representative well before the next meeting occurs

  • Technical Requirements will be finalised at the TSC meeting on 27 April
    • Between first TSC meeting and this date, the Tech leads will be frantically turning the Technical Requirements into Blueprint specifications with sufficient detail to discuss and plan out at the Linaro Developer Summit

    • At the meeting on 27 April, the TSC will confirm we have established suitable Blueprints for the 11.11 engineering cycle, which correctly reflect the technical requirements they laid down in Bangalore
    • After this point, the detailed schedule for Linaro@UDS will be published
  • For more details:

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