Getting the most out of Linaro Connect

Linaro Connect events are week long events densely packed with sessions, keynotes, engineering, socials and more. Add in the international travel either end and you have yourself a recipe for a tiring 8 days or so. There are a number of things you can do to help maximise the benefits of attending Linaro Connect:

Before: Prepare, prepare, prepare!

  1. Get the administration out of the way early (you will receive an email with all the relevant instructions specific to the next event).
  2. Register for the event at

  3. Complete the accommodation form sent to you - this will allow us to book your accommodation (link to the form will be emailed to you).
  4. If applicable you will receive an invitation letter however, it is your responsibility so please double check your requirement on this specific to each Linaro Connect event location.
  5. Once you receive your accommodation confirmation check the details! Are the check in and check out dates accurate? It costs Linaro for any no shows on rooms, this includes checking out early. If your dates change inform Arwen Donaghey immediately. If you fail to do so, you yourself will be liable to any penalty charges (unless you have extenuating circumstances agreed with your manager).
  6. Book your travel. You should use Linaro's travel booker Stuart Giffen. You can contact Stuart via or +44 1223 301940.

  7. Make any necessary software updates prior to travelling to Connect.
  8. Download any large files before travelling.
  9. Work with your team on session planning. If you are presenting, get your slides completed early. Request slide templates and submit completed slides to Completed slides should be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event.

  10. Thinking of showcasing your teams' work in the Friday Technical showcase? Get your poster completed early. Request a poster template from and submit the completed poster to

  11. Items to bring checklist - ensure you have all the hardware you will need for the hacking sessions, bring your lanyard to reuse for your registration badge

During: Go, go, go!

  1. Orientate yourself in and about the event venue.
  2. It is strongly advised you have breakfast with your teams every morning and plan your day.
  3. Arrive promptly for keynotes. This is when housekeeping notices for the day will be announced.
  4. Arrive promptly for sessions. If you are presenting, ensure you allow enough time to get set.
  5. Invite people to sit to the centre of the session rooms. Don't assume people understand; regularly review what's been said. Invite questions.
  6. Write up your session summaries at the end of each session (at very least at the end of each day).
  7. If there are any issues, technical, set-up etc, please let us know from the get-go... we can only fix problems we know about.
  8. Look after yourselves! Make sure you get some sleep, eat well, drink plenty of water and get some daylight and fresh air.

After: Wrap-up then relax!

  1. Ensure you take everything with you!
  2. Arrange travel back to the airport via the shuttle service or where unavailable ensure you buddy up with others to spread the cost of taxis.
  3. Complete the event survey that will be emailed shortly after the event.
  4. Post photos on the Linaro Flickr account or email for further information and help.

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