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Linaro Speakers

If you would like a Linaro team member to speak at your conference please get in touch with Arwen Donaghey to discuss your requirements.

In your email please include:

  • Event Name
  • Link to the event
  • What topic you would like discussed
  • Name of Linaro team member you would like to speak (if you have a specific request)
  • Additional information about the conference you would like to share.

Linaro Presentations

If you are a Linaro team member asked to speak about Linaro at an event, please take a look at Approved Linaro presentations. While, we're happy for you to build your own presentations using this content, we just ask that:

  • You check the presentation with Steve Taylor beforehand

  • Send a copy of the presentation to Steve afterwards, so we can file it for others

Calendar Access

Linaro team members should be able to edit the Linaro Meetings (Public) calendar. If you are a Linaro team member and have issues with access to the "Linaro Meetings (Public)" calendar, please contact

If you are a Linaro Team member and will be speaking at an event please fill out this webform so we can get your information added to the correct and calendar and help you promote the event, Linaro and your participation in that event.

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