Global topics

Das U-Boot work

  • Target platforms/boards
  • Consolidated git tree(s)
  • Do we need packaging?
  • Documentation
  • Per-board
    • Status
    • Supported features checklist
    • Download area
  • Planning
    • Launchpad project: blueprints, bugs, ...
    • Release schedule

Kernel packaging

  • Number of actual flavors
  • Per flavor
    • Target SoCs

    • Target boards
    • Direct downloads of zImage/uImage?
  • Planning
  • Documentation
  • PPA versus Ubuntu

Future consolidation / commonality work plans

  • Gather vendor kernel trees; for each tree
    • Review
    • Document type / scope of changes
    • Plan kernel features
  • Prioritize between these


  • Support for ARM Versatile Express
  • List of supported SoCs in public trees

  • Addressing the upstreamability issue

Power Management WG

  • Discuss current setup of the WG
    • Best practices
    • Milestones / blueprints / bugs etc.
  • Draft work in upcoming specs
  • Prioritize existing specs

Personal plans


  • Plan upcoming releases
    • Create milestones
    • Make sure we have properly targetted bugs + blueprints to milestones
  • Document release process
  • Improve wiki pages
    • Move meeting notes from old wiki to
    • Create clean meeting templates


  • Improve QEMU environment
    • Virtio support
    • Support for more than 4 CPUs in QEMU; 32 CPUs?
    • Adding support for memory
    • Virtfs support in initrd

Richard Woodruff

  • DeviceTree support on OMAP

  • Connect with Jeremy Kerr
  • Get started on Linaro :-)

  • OMAP4 support in QEMU?

John Rigby

  • Finish packaging nico's arm_next.git
  • DeviceTree support in u-boot

  • Packaging and deciding which flavors we support
  • Release process gatekeeper for binary linux + u-boot releases
  • Prepare some list of OMAP patches to review by Steve Sakoman

Nicolas Pitre

  • Look at DT patches in details
    • Send some upstream at some point
  • w/ Eric Miao: get together and see what we could do to consolidate more on a single kernel image
  • Loic would like to discuss tracking multiple kernel versions and a stable kernel branch after the 2.6.35 release

Matt Waddel

  • Would like to replace the non-u-boot bits in the versatile express with plain u-boot instead of having multiple boot stages
  • Hardware enablement docs and processes
  • Getting versatile express u-boot bits into John's tree

Amit Kucheria

  • Wednesday and Thursday, visit from ARM folks to discuss SMP and power management
  • How to get SGX for OMAP packaged
    • What needs to be packaged
    • What is the best way to do it
    • Perhaps do some of it
  • Security patches workitems (SECCOMP)
  • Splitting power management topics into blueprints and milestones
  • w/ Kernel Consolidation Working Group: discuss sharing patches, merging etc. -- Nico says: send everything upstream and he will pick it up :-)

  • Would like to propose someone from the Kernel Consolidation WG to own adding support for dynamic ftrace on ARM
    • Richard would like to do some of it in hardware instead

Paul E. McKenney

  • Continue testing of TINY_PREEMPT_RCU
  • Continue review and summarization of the Android wakelock/suspend-blocker LKML discussions

Dave Martin

  • Would like to connect to Kees and other people for the security features blueprint
  • Prepare perf tools to use ddebs



  • U-Boot boards
    • OMAP3
      • all community boards we can get
      • Beagleboard revC 1-4
      • Beagleboard XM
      • IGEPv2
      • Archos v7?
        • Cheap consumer platform with OMAP3
        • Arnd to send details
      • Zoom3
      • Extend the list with Steve Sakoman
      • Overo Gumstix?
      • AlwaysInnovating Touchbook

    • Versatile Express
      • Current tree from Matt is enough IF the other loaders are there, but not otherwise
      • Currently: ARM Boot Monitor, U-Boot, linux
      • ARM Boot Monitor: sets up core before calling u-boot, so that u-boot and then linux can see them
      • Would it make sense to replace the ARM Boot Monitor with u-boot
        • Might need some proprietary information
        • Matt to check with Colin Tuckley
        • Might load things like FPGA images
      • Not a product board, people care to run Linaro on top, but wont be used in real devices, so can probably focus on what we have already
    • OMAP4
      • Will depend on hardware availability
      • Richard can hand one panda out
      • Linaro need hardware to test
      • U-Boot support being finished by Steve Sakoman; needs more weeks of work
      • Linux side is much further away but a subset of the patches might be enough and could be integrated in Linaro's main tree
        • Could take over the mainline Ubuntu branch covering upstream OMAP3/OMAP4 support
        • Separate branch for full OMAP4 support in Ubuntu, but breaks e.g. OMAP3 and more
    • Samsung
      • Will depend on hardware availability
      • Nobody knows about them here, might be A8
    • imx51
      • EDK Babbage 2.5
      • EDK Babbage 3.0
    • x-loader support?
      • Steve Sakoman working on merging x-loader support in u-boot itself
      • does signing and initializes some memory; u-boot was too big for that task
  • u-boot features
    • http support? seems nice to get, but it's obviously not high priority
  • Integration of kernel tress into Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu tracks OMAP4 which has non-mainlinable patches
    • Discussion with Ubuntu team about which branches we use in Ubuntu and which flavors are built out of which trees
    • Should look at ARM specific patches


Discussion on packaging of the linux-linaro arm_next.git kernel in Ubuntu.


  • John Rigby
  • Andy Whitcroft
  • Tim Gardner
  • Loic Minier

Current situation, plans and issues

  • OMAP3 currently in master
  • OMAP3 not under contractual obligation
  • OMAP4 in master being sent by amitk; no contractual obligation
  • TI OMAP4 in its own branch, under contractual obligation
  • Possible to create a merge of Ubuntu master with linaro and upload that as linux source package, but quite late to change the maintenance processes
  • Could also wait for 2.6.35, then merge the trees regularly together, since these wont be rebased anywhere
  • Could do the two above for now
  • Another alternative is to package linux-linaro as a separate source package, but doing essentially the same things

Agreed plan

  • Keeping versatile in master
  • Linaro upstream branch from arm_next.git which has OMAP3/OMAP4 from upstream + source package
    • Realview versatile express
    • More future SoCs from Linaro

    • Might split if there are too many flavors
  • TI OMAP4 branch unaffected
  • Linaro might add one, or worst case, two crack branches
    • Ok, but should go to ubuntu-maverick.git tree, in a separate branch
    • Linaro team to send pull requests and Ubuntu Kernel Team to upload

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