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Techleads meetings: Mondays 5pm UTC and Thursdays 9:30am UTC




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Actions from previous meeting


  • Alexander Sack
  • Amit Kucheria
  • Andy Green
  • Angus Ainslie
  • Christian Reis
  • David Rusling
  • Deepak Saxena
  • Eric Miao
  • Fathi Boudra
  • Ilias Biris
  • James Westby
  • Jesse Barker
  • Joey Stanford
  • Kurt Taylor
  • Lee Jones
  • Loïc Minier
  • Michael Hope
  • Paul Larson
  • Ricardo Salveti
  • Scott Bambrough
  • Stephen Doel
  • Vicky Janicki
  • Zach Pfeffer


  • David Zin: put together for 1108 release a review page to have a postmortem analysis of the release : Invited people to put in the high- and lowlights, what to improve, as well as details related to interesting events for the release. The most important part is the "lessons learned" table at the end. That table is meant to generate discussion related to what was positive and what was not so productive.

    • Kiko: in constructing the monthly report there is some struggle when weeding through releases without changelogs and release notes
    • Headlines and blueprint descriptions also need to be more consistent and better worded. These are not that visible though through the milestone pages
    • When we have items like a patch which is not complete yet and it is not yet on the milestone those items can easily be forgotten or not highlighted properly
    • Dashboard for the release announcement is another place where the collected information from the blueprints planned will be appearing. However, one comment on that is to improve the highlights, especially to help in any upcoming marketing material for the release. Technical information is good but for marketing purposes would need a brush up to summarise the nice items done in each team and use that summary for any explanation needed (marketing included).
  • Linaro Connect - preparing the list of summits and the plan as well as sending out the invitations. Structure: mornings are summit sessions, afternoons available for coding/hackig/teamwork. The summits plan should be out during wk36.2011 (wk of 05th of September). The idea was to blend more with UDS summits rather than running two events in parallel.
    • The original intent for the summits was to have
      • Android
      • Memory management - there is also Ubuntu work happening there. Should we have a summit or bunch of focused conversation this time? DRusling: we should not need a separate summit for memory management this time around
      • Boot architecture
      • Multicore/LLVM
      • Set-top box
      • IVI
    • Other proposed ideas for summits
      • GNU toolchain (Michael Hope : still need to send invites)
      • Managing thermal status - where the chip cannot keep up depending on the load. At the moment the action is on the non-upstream TI tree, the idea is to come up with the right balance of kernel solution + userland parts. From Amit - he is not very worried about it. It will be discussed in the LPC - with the other maintainers - and given feedback with respect to upstream issues. This issue should ideally sort itself out during LPC, perhaps we should revisit after LPC feedback is collected, but the existing framework should be sufficient and no need to reinvent the wheel. [ACTION] AndyGreen and Amit - check the status on wk36 or after LPC

      • Graphics vendor mini-summit (Kiko has chatted with Jesse on this)
      • Possible summit for power management - to clarify after LPC with Amit
      • [ACTION] All to send their plans for summits in LCQ4.11

Actions from this meeting

  • [ACTION] AndyGreen and Amit - check the need for a LCQ4 summit related to the management of thermal status on wk36 or after LPC

  • [ACTION] All to send their plans for summits in LCQ4.11

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