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Techleads meetings: Mondays 5pm UTC and Thursdays 9:30am UTC





meeting time change next Thursday

Actions from previous meeting

  • David and Jesse to work on wiki pages
  • David to poke Arnd, Nicolas, and Paul asking who we should get in touch with on this topic and who we should invite at LDS
  • David to check whether we have a Pandaboard in Cambridge and bring it to Ramana
  • Steve and Loïc to poke Lamont on whether we have enough Pandas for armhf


  • Andy Green
  • Angus Ainslie
  • Alexander Sack
  • Loïc Minier
  • Jesse Barker
  • James Westby
  • Scott Bambrough
  • David Rusling
  • Christian Reis
  • Paul McKenney

  • Paul Larson
  • Steve Langasek


  • Actions from previous meeting
    • DONE: David and Jesse documented memory management plans in wiki pages
      • Need to expand for TSC
    • DONE: David got in touch with Arnd, Nicolas and Paul
      • Got a good list of names
      • Plans to have discussions at ELC etc.
        • Paul only there on Monday
        • Jesse talking on Tuesday
        • Jesse will include Paul in smaller peer to peer discussions on Monday
        • Covering other chips than Mali in discussions?
          • Definitely need to
          • Other vendors might not be at ELC though
    • CARRIEDOVER: David to check whether we have a Panda in Cambridge for Ramana
      • David checked recently, but Kiko just handed some to Matt Zimmermann
    • CARRIEDOVER: Steve and Loïc to poke Lamont on whether we have enough Pandas for armhf
  • Reminder: next Thursday call at 9:30 UTC
  • Next cycle's top priority: graphics
    • Memory management summit during Linaro@UDS
    • Can start talking at ELC, followup in Budapest, and then at Plumbers
    • Name?
      • Perhaps Embedded Memory Management Summit?
      • There's already a mm mini-sumit during kernel summit -- so invitation only
        • Main topic is virtual memory management (in processes etc.
        • This could be a side topic, but it'd be better to have a consensus of what we'd like to change before bringing this up during the mm mini-summit
    • Jesse to own the summit with help from Kiko :-)

      • Paul McK and Arnd to help Jesse in meeting the relevant people at ELC
  • Would like to move some people from the KWG to Jesse's team to work on the topics of graphics mm, perhaps part time people too
    • ACTION: Paul to hand Jesse and Kiko a list of possible candidates
  • Improving the requirements process
    • Example page Cycles/1111/TechnicalTopics/Graphics shows that this is higher level agreement on what needs to be worked on

    • Also trying to capture what recurring work each team is responsible of (e.g. maintaining this or that software, fixing bugs etc.)
  • Overcoming the perception that Linaro only delivers every six months
    • Would like to release a source bundle every month
      • Obviously includes toolchain and kernels
      • Includes power management stuff
      • Would need to release kernel tarballs
      • Need to QA that these things work together (stuff can be built using this toolchain, tools can be used with this kernel etc.)
    • Kiko gives the example of GNOME source releases

    • The contents would be dynamic; linux-linaro and gcc-linaro will remain present for a while, but with other changes, all changes might be upstream at some point (e.g. binutils, valgrind etc.)
      • For instance could release a powertop-linaro.tar.gz one month and once upstream merges all changes, copy their tarball into our release
      • Paul McK suggests we could also publish git trees
        • Kiko and David would like to provide tarballs as it's a clean deliverable and consumable by distros
      • Risk that we take too much time to QA releases instead of doing upstream work
        • However in practice semi-releases happened in the form of uploads to Ubuntu
      • Stuff is also getting upstream quickly, so does it make sense to release standalone when this could be downloaded straight from upstream?
      • Would be good to partner with multiple distros and not just Ubuntu for testing and integration
  • ACTION: Paul McK, Kiko, Loïc to discuss this topic further in a separate call

Actions from this meeting

  • CARRIEDOVER: David to bring Panda to Ramana on Friday
  • CARRIEDOVER: Steve and Loïc to poke Lamont on whether we have enough Pandas for armhf
  • ACTION: Paul to hand Jesse and Kiko a list of possible candidates
  • ACTION: Paul McK, Kiko, Loïc to discuss KWG releases further in a separate call

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